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She was drifting some fifty feet above the ground, followed by all but some hundred of the warriors who had been ordered back to the roofs to cover the possibility of a return of the fleet, or of reinforcements.
So long as Madame remained on English territory, I held my peace; but from the very moment she stepped on French ground, and now that we have received her in the name of the prince, I warn you, that at the first mark of disrespect which you, in your insane attachment, exhibit towards the royal house of France, I shall have one of two courses to follow; -- either I declare, in the presence of every one, the madness with which you are now affected, and I get you ignominiously ordered back to England; or if you prefer it, I will run my dagger through your throat in the presence of all here.
I did not wait to be ordered back to mine, but retreated unnoticed, as unnoticed I had left it.
What colour is the flag used to inform a G rand Prix racing driver that he is ordered back to the pits?
She was ordered back to court after flying to Spain with a pal instead of seeing a probation officer.
Two Libyan men and a woman, one Algerian man and a Palestinian woman had their periods of detention extended at a closed court hearing Wednesday night while a US woman and Croatian man were ordered back into Garda custody at a brief sitting yesterday.
The players were ordered back to Togo against their wishes by the country's leading governmental figures following Friday's terrorist attack on the team bus which left three people dead.
In January 2009, he was ordered back to France and told the onus was on him to prove he knew nothing of the crooked cargo.
Summary: Iraq's former trade minister was detained Saturday in a mounting corruption ordeal after his plane was ordered back to Baghdad while en route to the United Arab Emirates, officials said.
Officials have been ordered back to the drawing board by city council leader Mike Whitby, who said initial estimates for the Olympic-size facility should be "torn up and thrown away".
The ship has been ordered back to port to renew its licence.
Ships and boats based in the provinces of Fujian and Zhejiang have been ordered back to port and authorities in Shanghai, a municipality with province-level status, are moving about 200,000 people living in low-lying coastal areas.