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ORROffice of Rail Regulation (UK government; formerly Office of the Rail Regulator)
ORROuter Ring Road (Hyderabad, India)
ORROffice of Refugee Resettlement (HHS)
ORROak Ridge Reservation (Tennessee)
ORROverall Response Rate (medical treatment)
ORROffice of Response and Restoration (NOAA)
ORROld Rochester Regional (Massachusetts)
ORRObjective Response Rate
ORROpen Records Request (various locations)
ORROffice of the Rail Regulator (UK government; now Office of Rail Regulation)
ORROperational Readiness Review
ORROxygen Reduction Reaction (energy science)
ORROnline Research Resource (Illinois)
ORROffice of Regulation Review (Australia)
ORROrdered Round Robin
ORRObligor Risk Rating
ORROrroral Valley, Australia (GSTDN tracking station)
ORROff-The-Road Radial Tire
ORROperational Readiness Report
ORROperator Response Required
ORROperational Replacement Radar