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OLSOur Lady of Sorrows (various organizations)
OLSOrdinary Least Squares
OLSOperation Lifesaver (various locations)
OLSOnline Linguistic Support (Erasmus)
OLSOttawa Linux Symposium
OLSOracle Label Security
OLSon Line Survey
OLSon Line System
OLSOperational Level System
OLSon Line Submission
OLSon Line Storage
OLSOpen Linux Server
OLSon Line Solutions
OLSon Line Short
OLSOntology Lookup Service
OLSOff Line State
OLSOriginating Line Screening
OLSOpen Learning Support
OLSon Line Service
OLSon Line Subscription Service
OLSon Line Shopping
OLSOff Line System
OLSOnline Service
OLSOperation Lifeline Sudan
OLSOffice of Legislative Services (various governments)
OLSOperational Linescan System
OLSOleander Leaf Scorch (plant disease)
OLSOnline Library System
OLSOnline System
OLSOrganizational Leadership and Supervision
OLSOracle Label Security (software feature)
OLSOne-Leg-Stand (field sobriety test)
OLSOutlaw Star (anime series)
OLSOnline Learning System
OLSOrix Leasing Singapore
OLSOn Line Support
OLSOptical Landing System
OLSOntario Land Surveyor (Ontario, Canada)
OLSOptical Line System
OLSOpen Location Services
OLSOperational Line Scanner
OLSOil Logistics Systems (Japan)
OLSOur Little Secret Corp. (Canada)
OLSOrthogonal Least Square
OLSOne Local Summer
OLSOptical Line Scanner
OLSOptical LAN (Local Area Network) Solutions (Verizon)
OLSOrbital Launch Services
OLSOuter Letter Sheet (philatelic term)
OLSOptical Link System
OLSOff-Line Settling
OLSOverlap Save Algorithm
OLSOL Slaton (Junior High School; Lubbock, TX)
OLSOperation Liberty Shield
OLSOrder of the Lion of Styria (apostolic religious order; Northridge, CA)
OLSOwn Label Supply (UK pharmacy)
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When using the ordinary least square method and the linear regression method, the variance of the estimated coefficient is larger (Wang, 2014).
First, we employed linear regression by ordinary least squares estimation on the log-transformed weight and length data.
Linear Ordinary Least Squares with an Inequality Constraint.
Keywords: Linear models Ordinary least square Method Recursive Test
As shown in equation 1, the variance of an ordinary least square coefficient derived from a SRS may be expressed as:
Dynamic Ordinary Least Squares (DOLS) is attributed to Saikkonen (1992) and Stock & Watson (1993).
A difference-in-differences model estimated via ordinary least squares regressions was employed to produce estimates for the effects of disease management programs on the outcome variables.
In the present study, we aim to fill the gap in the literature and extend the earlier studies in a number of ways: to the best of our knowledge, this study is the first of its kind using Canadian data; this study uses the Ordered Probit method as well as Ordinary Least Squares and Propensity Score Matching methods; and unlike previous studies, which used data from either lower-level or upper-level economics courses, this study uses data from both levels of economics courses.
Therefore, in this case, the supply and demand models were estimated independently, using the ordinary least squares method and pooled cross-sectional (50 states and the District of Columbia) and quarterly time series data for the period 1980-2003.
The authors use this example to explain nonstandard error issues and to compare discontinuity design with traditional ordinary least squares.
Collinearity does not violate any of the assumptions of ordinary least squares regression and thus gives unbiased predictions from the linear combination of predictors.
Some simplicity is achieved by the authors' advocacy of only two estimation methods, namely ordinary least squares and instrumental variables estimation (IVE) and its special case, two-stage least squares estimation, and also by the insistence on linear models, regardless of whether the relationship is linear or not.