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ORFOpen Reading Frame (genetics)
ORFOpen Reading Frame (genome)
ORFOral Reading Fluency
ORFOesterreichischer Rundfunk (Austrian radio and television company)
ORFOesterreichischer Rundfunk (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation)
ORFOutbound Route Filter (Cisco)
ORFOlympus Raw Format (file extension)
ORFOperational Readiness Float
ORFOceanic Resource Foundation
ORFOperations Research and Facilities
ORFOfficial Representation Funds
ORFNorfolk, VA, USA - Norfolk International Airport (Airport Code)
ORFOntario Research Foundation (now ORTECH International)
ORFOhio Renaissance Festival (Wilmington, Ohio)
ORFOntario Renaissance Festival (Milton, Ontario)
ORFOrganisation Rotaract de la Francophonie (French Rotary club)
ORFOld Retired Fart
ORFOrbital Reference Frame
ORFOutside Right Forward (soccer)
ORFOur Retired Friends
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Clusters of orf infection have been reported in Turkey (2), Jordan (7), and Belgium (8) after Eid al-Adha because of increased animal slaughter for this event; a similar case previously was reported in the United States (9).
In older lesions, PCR with Orf virusor parapoxvirus-specific primers and DNA sequencing may still allow identification of viral material.
ORF is the Austrian national public service broadcaster.
The exec tasked to put ORF back into the black by 2010 is Alexander Wrabetz, who took the reins in 2007.
However, based upon current research with reading CBM measures, ORF could possibly be a better predictor of applied mathematic performance, despite the fact that Maze was the CBM measure designed for assessing reading comprehension.
05: the interaction SES with Hispanic status, and the interaction of SES with the ORF score at the beginning of second grade).
Scratching against orf also minimises the chances of the disease being transferred to humans.
Orf was 17 when he and two siblings stumbled upon a skeleton poking out from eroding rocky soil near the Deschutes River in 1994, according to court records and testimony.
ORF said it would not ask any intimate questions relating to possible sex abuse by her captor.
Another move that could blur the boundary between the ORF and PRF is Shanghai's recent establishment of a social worker registration system.
In one case history provided by Orf, a Midwestern investment casting foundry recently converted from manual degating to pressure-assisted grinding.