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ORFEOperations Research and Financial Engineering (Princeton University)
ORFEOak Ridges Friends of the Environment (Canada)
ORFEOpen Relay Filter Enterprise (software)
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I bought the Golden Orfe when they were tiny and raised them for around 12 years.
Orfe, three current part-time harbor masters and a prior part-time harbor master were given no-fee mooring permits.
I carried on selling insurance, but started to farm koi carp, golden rudd, golden orfe and golden tench.
But the fish were really off the feed at Fochriw Feeder Pond; although it didn't stop Malcolm Heaven winning another Rhymney AS match by catching a golden orfe and a perch weighing 1lb 3oz.
Some excellent catches have been made on The Angel complex this week - bream, orfe, ide, rudd, roach, tench and even carp have given anglers some good sport.
Although primarily a Carp fishery, Rosemary Wood provides the angler with a challenge of capturing a vast number of other species including bream, roach, ide, tench, chub, perch, orfe and pike.
After reading of their plight, staff at the centre for children with autism and their families began creating a pond for all 77 fish - 47 goldfish, 20 Japanese koi, four Israeli koi and six orfe.
Armed just with his whip, a landing net and a pint of maggots he landed some lovely carp, orfe and barbel, finishing with around 25lb in a borrowed keepnet.
His winning catches include a 10lb 2oz River Kennet barbel, and a fine 5lb 6oz golden orfe from a Berkshire fishery in 1998.
Fishery manager Graham Young said: 'We didn't know quite what to expect on the pool's opening day because it's very much a mixed water housing carp, bream, roach, golden orfe and skimmers.
The previous day, the Blythe Water Open was held at the Home Pool, where roach featured along with small carp and golden orfe.