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In order to revive that primacy of text in his theatrical works, Orff adopted three levels of musical text setting, as illustrated in Examples 1 to 3 from Trionfo di Afrodite.
The Orff techniques of singing, moving, saying, playing and creating are well suited to the language classroom.
De regreso al Auditorio Nacional, recinto con respecto al cual ya muchas otras veces he dicho que no es ideal para apreciar y disfrutar la musica academica o de concierto, mas alla de permitir complejos y nutridos espectaculos que por su aforo y su escenario practicamente solo alli pueden encontrar cabida en esto ciudad, pero con el inconveniente de tener que ser sonorizados artificialmente (ese placer inefable que produce una emision natural de la buena musica, aqui se pierde, no existe), Carmina Burana, de Cari Orff, ingresa a este recinto en una magna produccion de ORT Mexico.
3) His subjects cover a bewilderingly wide range, from pop artists (John Lennon and Frank Zappa), to sports figures (Bobby Moore), playwrights and actors (John Osborne and Richard Burton), stage directors (Peter Sellars), musicians (Yehudi Menuhin and Eric Clapton), and numerous classical and popular composers, including Dmitry Shostakovich, Richard Wagner, Carl Orff, Frederic Chopin, Johannes Brahms, John Adams, Leonard Cohen, John Lennon, etc.
In the 1960s, it was recognised that, compared to most of the traditionally conservative music teaching styles, the Orff approach allowed more space for individual development (Silsbury, 1968).
We strive for the qualities Jane Frazee observes in Orff classrooms, where "self-expression is encouraged and valued, musical experiments are carried out, and tolerance for differing views is practiced" (2006, p.
There are musicians who want always to take the high road, even when some of their instincts are to enjoy slumming in the popular music of a composer like Carl Orff.
Primary source documents include the writings of Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman, video recordings of Keetman taken as she taught and performed, and sound recordings and manuscripts of music written by Keetman.
But when Orff 's work is performed in the 1956 version by his pupil, Wilhelm Killmayer, it's even more exciting.
The song, a Carl Orff composition from his 1937 oratorio Carmina Burana, emerged as the most played classical recordings of the past 75 years.
Orff Instrumental Ensemble as a Dynamic Method for Revitalizing Motivation in Secondary Education Students
Du erzahlst, dass Ihr in Eurem Chor jetzt die Carmina Burana einstudiert und dass Du gerne wusstest, was Du da eigentlich singst und was sich Carl Orff (1895-1982) moglicherweise dabei gedacht hat.