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OPOOpenbaar Primair Onderwijs (Dutch: Public Primary Education)
OPOOpen Purchase Order (procurement)
OPOOrgan Procurement Organization
OPOOffice of Procurement Operations (US DHS)
OPOOphthalmic and Physiological Optics (publication; Wiley)
OPOOsaka Philharmonic Orchestra (Japan)
OPOOracle Power Objects
OPOOptical Parametric Oscillator(s)
OPOOffice of the Permanent Observer (Inter-Parliamentary Union)
OPOOvernight Pulse Oximetry (pulmonary disease)
OPOPorto, Portugal - Porto (Airport Code)
OPOOffice of Public Outreach (NASA)
OPOObservation Post Officer
OPOOther People's Opinions
OPOOne Person Operated
OPOOperations Order
OPOOpposite Polarity
OPOOffice of Provincial Outreach
OPOOPNAV Principal Official
OPOOvamboland People's Organization
OPOOffice of Personnel Operations
OPOOrbiter Project Office
OPOPsion OPL Output (executable file extension)
OPOOutpatient Observation
OPOOne Production Only (acting contracts)
OPOOperational Performance Objectives
OPOOrbiting Planetary Observatory
OPOOil Pressure Out
OPOOver-Pressure Operations
OPOOhio Peace Officer
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Bad-ang said SPMC had been very active in preventing organ trafficking by strengthening its organ procurement organization.
Although some policies are set by the Health Resources and Services Administration through the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, and infectious disease guidelines are available, screening of potential organ donors is under the purview of the individual organ procurement organizations, and variability exists in the testing that is performed for many agents (39).
On September 29, the organ procurement organization notified the tissue bank of the apparent HCV transmission to the kidney and liver recipients.
However, most referral laboratories used by organ procurement organizations do not have access to the ultrasensitive HBV NAT methodology that detected the low-level viremia in this organ donor.
organ procurement organization) has met with opposition from several tissue banks in eastern Pennsylvania.
Charles Alexander is the president and chief executive officer of The Living Legacy Foundation, the organ procurement organization (OPO) for Maryland.
In introducing the award, Martha Anderson, executive vice president of donor services at MTF, said, "We look for stories that have a lasting and direct impact on how people can understand what donation and transplantation can mean." WROC-News 8 was nominated by Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network, the organ procurement organization (OPO) serving the Finger Lakes, central, and upstate regions of New York State.
The Lifetime Achievement Award is bestowed upon an individual employed by an organ procurement organization (OPO) who has made substantial contributions to the goals and ideals of the field of organ, eye and tissue donation over a sustained period of at least two decades, and been in an OPO senior leadership position for a minimum of 10 years.
Donor hospitals will be required to have an agreement with the organ procurement organization (OPO) in its geographically certified service area and to notify that OPO when it has a donor, according to an amendment in HR 2138, the House legislation reauthorizing the Social Security Act of 1994.