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Sumaya reviewed the results of her recent study that was part of the requirements for a doctoral thesis on Environmental Engineering from the University of Warwick, UK, entitled "Exploring technical opportunities for household organic waste management in Muharraq" In terms of technical, economic and social criteria for the selection of the best organic waste management technology in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where six different technologies for the management of solid organic waste were tested and converted into energy for electricity generation.
Yusufs thesis developed a module to choose the best technologies for organic waste management in Muharraq Governorate and the Kingdom of Bahrain based on three standards; technical, economic and social standards.
GAIA said that this confirmed that organic waste management is an "important" strategy that would create "substantial" waste reduction for local governments.
Organic waste accounted for more than half of the waste produced in the Philippines, which supposedly affirmed organic waste management as an 'important strategy' to create 'substantial waste reduction' for local governments, it said.
Biogas plants contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and solve significant problems of organic waste management in Cyprus.
SCOTLAND'S largest organic waste management firm is expanding into the North East and plans to create 40 jobs in the region.
In terms of waste management and recycling rate, Yew said the city council will soon be calling for tender on organic waste management to increase the recycling rate in the state.
Other sustainable features include eclectic carports, waste water technologies and organic waste management and ecologically sourced furniture.
Among their topics are waste characteristics and generation, composting for organic waste management, the biohydrometalllurgical processing of metallic components of electronic wastes, the treatment and use of ashes from solid waste processing, landfill leachate collection and treatment, a legal and institutional framework for sustainable solid waste management, and life-cycle analysis for decision-making in solid waste management.
It is low-cost organic waste management system that uses a combination of anaerobic digestion by liquid microorganism called "compost activator" and vermiculture.
This earthworm as garbage-eating species superficial has high potential for organic waste management. The E.
Dr Clarke was delivering the introductory address at a seminar on 'Organic Waste Management in Qatar: problems and solutions', organised by QGBC with its hospitality partner Wyndham Grand Regency Doha.