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OCTFOrganized Crime Task Force
OCTFOne Cycle Trouble Free (nuclear power)
OCTFOpen Capture the Flag (Defcon event)
OCTFOffgas Components Test Facility (Office of Scientific and Technical Information; US Department of Energy)
OCTFOverseas Chinese Tea Foundation
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is also involved in an international organized crime task force in
Many of the FBI field offices have organized crime task forces.
the New York State Organized Crime Task Force which indicates [contractor] involvement in criminal activity.
The current investigation by the State Organized Crime Task Force, now four years old, constitutes this generation's opportunity to reform the city's construction industry, just as the Waterfront Commission represents a previous generation's political and policy breakthrough vis-a-vis crime on the docks that had become a national disgrace, and just as twenty years ago the Province of Quebec broke through in resolving the crime problems of its construction industry.
Steve Davey, who heads the Eurasian Organized Crime Task Force, comprising federal, state and local authorities.
Solow served as an Assistant Deputy Attorney General in the New York State Organized Crime Task Force.
Department of Justice Organized Crime Task Force, the United States Attorney Office for the Eastern District of New York, and as a Deputy First Assistant Attorney General in NY.
It's a two-way street,'' agrees Mike Taylor, a Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent with the multi-agency Asian Organized Crime Task Force in Houston.
During his law enforcement career, he served as the commanding officer of the Troop I barrack, served on a Statewide Organized Crime Task Force and was the Chief of Police for the Town of Middlebury, Connecticut.
Secret Service's Financial Organized Crime Task Force of the Boston Field Office.
It has revamped law enforcement by removing 26 of the 28 regional police chiefs, many of whom were corrupt or incompetent, established embassy-recommended interagency counter organized crime task forces, and passed new laws to resolve jurisdictional conflicts between the State Agency for National Security (DANS) and the Ministry of Interior (MOI).
Attorney's Office set up special organized crime task forces in Southern California.
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