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Heller, which detailed the pre-governmental right to bear arms, the gun lobby refused to faithfully support the Second Amendment, possibly afraid that the rarity of organized Militias in America might obviate the Second Amendment's reason for being.
It concluded that if the Second Amendment guaranteed only "the right to keep and use weapons as a member of an organized militia.., if, that is, the organized militia is the sole institutional beneficiary of the Second Amendment's guarantee--it does not assure the existence of a 'citizens' militia' as a safeguard against tyranny." (71) This interpretation "guarantees a select militia of the sort the Stuart kings found useful, but not the people's militia that was the concern of the founding generation." (72)
Most significantly, the Act authorized what would eventually serve as the basis for the federally funded, state controlled Title 32 "training status." The Secretary of War was authorized, at the governor's request, to fund "so much of (the militia's) allotment out of the said annual appropriation ..., as shall be necessary for the payment, subsistence, and transportation of such portion of said organized militia as shall engage in actual field or camp service for instruction...." (59) The militia members engaging in this state controlled "field or camp service" were also entitled "the same pay, subsistence, and transportation or travel allowances ...
at 342 ("Moreover, the legislative history of [the Dick] Act indicates that Congress contemplated that the services of the organized militia would 'be rendered only upon the soil of the United States or of its Territories.'" (citation omitted)).
But the Janjaweed themselves are more a rampaging gang than an organized militia. Even their name is merely a colloquialism for "horsemen with guns," not a term with cultural, linguistic, or political roots, and they do not in any organized way "represent" the Arab tribes in western Sudan.
The apportionment of authority over today's organized militia between the states and the Federal Government works to the benefit of both.
Upon retiring from business he served in colonial government, organized militia units for Pennsylvania's defense against the French and Indians, and played an instrumental role in establishing what would eventually become the University of Pennsylvania.
The Afghan government expects the remaining 35,000 militia troops to go through the DDR process by the end of June 2005, leaving no organized militia forces in the country, Khalilzad said.
There's more private land along the border in the ,other Western states, but most of the organized militia operations so far have taken place in southeastern Arizona.
What we get instead in the bulk of the book is, first, a long sustained analysis of the constitutionally contested rights of particularly Junior Chambers of Commerce and residential community associations to restrict their memberships, and, second, an equally long and sustained survey of the constitutionally protected rights of privately organized militia and other far-right groups to exist at all.
As a long time member of Americans United and a believer in the Second Amendment (yes, I know there are many on the left who would have us believe the Second Amendment refers only to the state and `well organized militia,' but after very careful reading of the text, I do not), I can say that Charlton Heston does not speak for me and many other advocates of firearms ownership.
The growth of the organized militia movement represents one of the most significant social trends of the 1990s.
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