ORGELOrganic-Cooled Heavy Water-Moderated Reactor (Euratom)
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It possesses a symbolic accuracy not surprising for the finely close-reading editor of Shakespeare's [Oxford] World's Classics The Winter's Tale and The Tempest, Stephen Orgel.
Mertens said that at Orgel, "we work with our people using case studies" to show how the new technology will "resonate" with staff in their quotidian duties.
2) Orgel, The Authentic Shakespeare (New York: Routledge, 2002), esp.
In his more recent 2008 paper titled "The Implausibility of Metabolic Cycles on the Prebiotic Earth," Orgel is even more adamant:
Most people regard collagen as a structural molecule, but it seems to function as an information molecule as well," Orgel says.
Orgel did, and, allied with Honigmann's persuasive claim for revision in copying fair (discussed below), this gave powerful reasons for decentering the author: writers changed their minds, and the plays that belonged to companies, not authors, were altered without their consent, and were turned into performances by a team.
Tina Fruhaufs new book, The Organ and Its Music in German-Jewish Culture, a translated and revised version of her Orgel und Orgel-misik in deutsch-judischer Kultur (Hildes-heim: Olms, 2005), offers an original and authoritative account of the history of the organ and its repertoire in German Jewish culture.
But the parties couldn't agree on how much money would be left over for other creditors, or on a budget that enabled Monaco Coach to take the necessary steps to sell the properties, said Rob Orgel, one of Monaco's bankruptcy attorneys.
For practical use, should you want to sing from it - and Stephen Orgel in his introduction says that 'it presents itself primarily as a practicum' (p.
In the tradition of Stephen Orgel, Leah Marcus, and James Knowles, Britland analyzes Henrietta Maria's masques, pastorals, and incidental performances for their political and cultural resonances at specific historical moments.
Arkansas Chops LLC, the holding company for the franchise restaurant, is made up of partners Barry Pelts, Andy Woodman, David Cohn and Billy Orgel.
FROM PERFORMANCE TO PRINT IN SHAKESPEARE'S ENGLAND Peter Holland and Stephen Orgel (eds) Redefining British Theatre History series, gen.