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ORISAOldman River Intermunicipal Service Agency (aka Oldman River Regional Services Commission; Alberta, Canada)
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They then solicited his support on their request to the Federal and state government of Nigeria to declare an holiday for Traditional Religion on August 20 for the observance of Orisa Traditional Religion as ORISA DAY or ESIN IBILE DAY just like the Easter, Christmas, Idel Fitiri and Idel Kabir holidays.
An interesting turn of events took place in 2010--and continues into the present--mostly orchestrated via email and Facebook in which Hidalgo has been accused doing just that: using the images and likeness of an individual with whom he actually has no relationship in order to gamer authority within the global orisa community.
Inclusion of political and historical changes in Yoruba society makes this a particularly powerful essay in the study of Sango as the foremost male orisa in Yoruba ideology.
Gary Edwards and John Mason, both high priests in the Yoruba Theological Archministry in New York, give a succinct summary of the core principles of Yoruba epistemology that shape Cuban Santeria practice in their book The Black Gods: Orisa Studies in the New World.
Equating Sino-Pakistan maritime co-operation with Sino-Myanmar strategic partnership, Sakhunja has maintained: 'Similar conditions prevail in Bay of Bengal where the Chinese have established facilities at Coca Islands in Myanmar to monitor Indian maritime activity and missile testing in Orisa.
11) Questo documentario e una produzione di Orisa Film.
Without making particular reference to Africa, Mami Gros-Jeanne refers to the African-derived Haitian religion of Vodun (1) and the loas, its Cuban analog of Santeria and the orisa, its Trinidadian manifestation of orsa worship in Shango and Orisha, and its Brazilian version in Candomble and the orixa.
Musical Numbers: "Everything Scatter," "Iba Orisa," "Hymn," "Medzi Medzi," "Manteca," "I Got the Feeling," "The Clock/Originality," "Yellow Fever/Ikoyi Blindness," "Trouble Sleep," "Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense," "Lover," "Upside Down," "Expensive Shit," "I.
Women as wives--are seen negatively Obirin o se finu han (Women cannot be trusted) Obirin o moore (Women are ingrates) Bi mo laya hi o lewa ma ghe sile tori omo (If my wife is ugly, I will keep her because of her children) Women as Mothers are seen negatively Orisa hi iya kosi (There is no deity like mother) She is the only one worthy of adoration (Oluwole, 1997) Iya ni wura baba ni digi (Mother is gold, father is just a looking glass)
African devotees of traditional deities in turn began to feel that their beliefs should be publicly affirmed and advertised: audio tapes of praise chants to the orisa and posters advertising ecumenical, neotraditional religious vigils have begun to appear.
Oduduwa, the tutelary Orisa (Select Head) of Aje, is heralded as the "Womb of Creation" (Fatunmbi 85) and is symbolized by the life-giving pot of origins and also the "wicked bag" or earthen tomb in which all life forms find eternal rest and also regeneration.
According to two noteworthy scholars on Trinidadian Orisa, Rawle Gibbons and Funso Aiyejina (1999):