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ORMEObservatoire des Ressources Multimédias en Education (French: Observatory of Multimedia Educational Resources)
ORMEOffice of Research Measurement and Evaluation
ORMEOrbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Element
ORMEOffice of Research in Medical Education (various schools)
ORMEOedematous Retinopathy with Major Exudation (eyes)
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The cringing servility of his manner was due, no doubt, to the address legible on the pile of luggage, which announced their owner to be "Lady Muriel Orme, passenger to Elveston, via Fayfield Junction.
I lost the rest of the sentence, for my mind had recurred, with a great shock of surprise, to Lady Muriel Orme, who had so lately uttered these very words of Sylvie's--yes, and in Sylvie's own voice, and with Sylvie's gentle pleading eyes!
They were at that part of the Quai des Ormes where the steps lead down to the river.
Captain Tom Sobik and Goat Major Sergeant Mark Jackson picked out the new Kashmir goat, and, led by an RSPCA vet and wardens from Great Orme Country Park, sought to safely transport Shenkin IV from the area.
The Daily Post reported last week how Miss Cox (right) collected 50lbs of rubbish - including syringes, condoms and beer bottles - on the Orme.
In a statement issued on Tuesday, Apolinario said he relieved Orme, who is still at large, of his post at the SPD Personnel Holding and Accounting Section.
A public meeting was held after Orme pleaded guilty to two counts of making an indecent photograph.
After hearing the question over and over again and while looking for a new way to drum up revenue, Orme decided it was time to offer readers the opportunity to pay for their online newspaper subscriptions with a new membership program.
He said a machete was recovered from the sofa and Orme was arrested when he returned to the property the next day.
Orme was previously cautioned in 2010 for misdiagnosing a toddler's fractured skull after he fell and banged his head in a playground.
Judge Orme made his hard-hitting comments after tributes had been paid to him on his last day of sitting at Warwick Crown Court.
But on July 31, 1902, all that changed - the first Great Orme Railway car pulled out of Victoria Station and up the Orme to the sound of the town band playing God Save the King.