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ORSANCOOhio River Valley Sanitation Commission
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The guiding principle of this Compact shall be that pollution by sewage or industrial wastes originating within a signatory state shall not injuriously affect the various uses of the interstate waters as hereinbefore defined" (ORSANCO 2003).
Command and control replaced ORSANCO's decentralized performance standard.
(174) Tar-Pamlico and ORSANCO illustrate just two possibilities that states might take in efforts to improve water quality.
ORSANCO issued uniform pollution control standards in 1990 and reviews states' permits to determine compliance.
So, in late 1935, the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce took the lead in beginning negotiations that eventually led to the establishment of the ORSANCO regional compact,(100) With the compact in place, the Ohio River ceased being a commons and became subject to a system of public property rights, managed by a multi-state river basin association, ORSANCO.
In 1972, however, the Federal Water Pollution Control Act ended ORSANCO's evolutionary process.(103) The public property rights held and managed by the regional association were nationalized and made federal public property.
Apparently, the amount of special interest wealth that could be generated at the level of the national government exceeded the wealth that had been formed around ORSANCO's activities.