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ODOrthogonal Design
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ODOrdinary Seaman (Canadian Navy)
ODObject Domain
ODover damage (gaming)
ODOrde Dienst (Dutch: Order of Service)
ODOpen Dealer (various companies)
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ODOffsite Dose
ODOutside Dose (radiation exposure)
ODOrderly Duty
ODOscuro Destiny (website)
ODOmni Dei (once a day)
ODOvershoot Detector
ODOrdnance Documentation
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Using range analysis through orthogonal design of experiments, the order of influence factor to dynamic elastic modulus in the test is determined within three factor levels.
Optimization of Extraction by Orthogonal Design. After applying uniform design, which narrowed effectively the range of extraction conditions, some of the sophisticated tests should be investigated in succession by orthogonal design in order to obtain more efficient consequence.
Miao Yuanbing used clay, barite powder, silt sand, and bentonite as raw material, prepared in shaking table model test of soil and similar materials; based on the orthogonal design method and the ratio of influence factors on soil physical mechanical parameters of similar material for sensitivity analysis, the configuration can meet most of the requirements of similar material of the model test of soil [8].
Miao, "Numerical simulation and orthogonal design method research effect of splitter blade's main geometry factors on the performance of pump as turbine," Applied Mechanics and Materials, vol.
In this study, an orthogonal design [L.sub.9] ([3.sup.4]) was applied to ultrasonic-assisted enzymolysis in the preparation of corn antioxidant hydrolysates.
The choice of [d.sub.th] = 0.8 was given by considering the Frobenius chordal distance distribution of the orthogonal design [4], such as [d.sub.th] = 0.7321 shown in Figure 1.
In order to further improve searching ability of the algorithm, the orthogonal design and simulated annealing operation are integrated into the CS algorithm.
When the adventitious roots formed in the petioles and the leaf vein reached to about 0.5 cm, the leaves were transferred to media with different treatments of orthogonal design by inserting the adventitious roots into the medium (Table 1).
So far HR matrices are applied in electronics [13]: in Space-Time Block Coding (STBC) and orthogonal design [14], also in signal processing [15] and Hamiltonian Neural Nets [16].
Pandey, "Process parameter selection for strontium ferrite sintered magnets using Taguchi L9 orthogonal design," Journal of Materials Processing Technology, vol.
Orthogonal design method (ODM) has been widely researched.
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