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In the proposed algorithm, the dynamic threshold which is motived by stagewise weak orthogonal matching pursuit (SWOMP) [10] is employed in prelim test to enhance the accuracy of element selections per iteration.
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The common algorithms are matching pursuit algorithm (MP) and orthogonal matching pursuit algorithm (OMP).
A greedy algorithm such as orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP) is used which is introduced and designed by Tropp et al.
(2007) Signal Recovery from Random Measurements via Orthogonal Matching Pursuit. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 53, 4655-4666.
A stable solution of (3) can be found by using relaxation techniques such as basis-matching pursuit or greedy algorithms such as orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP).
An improved orthogonal matching pursuit algorithm is proposed in this paper.
Up to now, there are many mature algorithms to resolve this convex optimization problem, including interior-point algorithms [16,17], gradient projection [18], iterative thresholding [19, 20], and greedy approaches such as orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP) [21, 22].
Orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP) is a greedy iterative algorithm for signal recovery [15].
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