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OPTOptions (File Name Extension)
OPTOptional Practical Training
OPTOffice of Pupil Transportation (New York, NY)
OPTOptimized Production Technology
OPTOcean Power Technologies (UK & USA)
OPTOccupied Palestinian Territory
OPTOutpatient Physical Therapy
OPTOverprint (philately)
OPTOutput Transformer (electronics)
OPTOffice des Postes et Télécommunications
OPTOutreach Project Tool (groupware software)
OPTOther People's Time
OPTOpen Protocol Technology
OPTOffice de Promotion du Tourisme Wallonie-Bruxelles (Sint-Gillis, Belgium)
OPTOutdoor Payment Terminal
OPTOunces Per Tonne (mining)
OPTOperational Planning Team
OPTOpen Plug-In Technology
OPTOcean Pout (FAO species name code )
OPTOptions Pricing Theory (finance)
OPTOxford Placement Test (language proficiency)
OPTOptional Modification
OPTOffice des Postes et Télécommunications de Nouvelle-Calédonie (Office of Mail and Telecommunications, New Caledonia)
OPTOffice of Telecommunications Policy
OPTOffshore Pipeline Technology
OPTOperations Planning Team
OPTOverlegorgaan Post En Telecommunicatie (Dutch Consultative Committee Post and Telecommunication of the Ministry of V&W)
OPTOnboard Performance Tool (Boeing)
OPTOrganization of Parents and Teachers
OPTOil Pressure Transmitter
OPTOptoelectronic Physics and Technology (IEEE conference)
OPTOperations Planning Tool
OPTOrganic Power Technologies Ltd (Victoria, BC, Canada)
OPTOil Penetration Test
OPTOrganizational Planning Technique
OPTOpen-Shell Perturbation Theory
OPTOnstreet Parking & Trees
OPTOfficer Physical Training
OPTOptions Power Trader (newsletter)
OPTOrthopedic Physical Therapy (various locations)
OPTOceanside Photo and Telescope (Oceanside, CA)
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2007] described the use of an orthopantomogram, a lateral cephalogram, intra-oral radiographs and a magnetic resonance tomogram to confirm the exact path of the root canals of a fused maxillary central incisor with dens evaginatus.
Radiographs taken in 1992 showed large pulp chambers and somewhat diffuse images of permanent teeth were observed on orthopantomogram radiographs (OPGs).
Orthopantomogram (OPT) examination revealed failure of eruption of multiple primary teeth, as all were visible on the radiograph (Figure 1).
The bone quality was evaluated on an orthopantomogram.
Following an orthopantomogram, a poorly circumscribed radiolucent lesion in the left angle region of the mandible, distally to the first permanent molar and including the bud of the second molar could be seen (Fig 2a).
A dental orthopantomogram (Fig 2) revealed noticeable enamel hypoplasia affecting the developing second permanent molars and the developing premolars.