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ÖPGÖsterreichische Physikalische Gesellschaft (German: Austrian Physical Society)
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Although orthopantomography is widely used to assess TMJ osseous changes, minor osseous changes are difficult to detect.
Other authors [5] showed results obtained with traditional radiological method (2D) like orthopantomography; others yet [7, 8, 14, 15, 18] have used tridimensional radiological method (CT dentascan, CBCT).
General otolaryngological and stomatologic survey were applied, together with tests for definition of type of breath and degree of disturbance of nasal breath, taking photo of dentoalveolar complex (front and profile), Teleroentgenogram of skulls (under indications), jaw orthopantomography, biometric studying of models of jaws (Makhsudov and Navruzov, 2001).
The criteria for inclusion in the sample were the availability in their clinical records of an orthopantomography of adequate quality, and no history of medical or surgical disease that could affect the presence and development of permanent teeth, including third molors.
Comparison of cone-beam imaging with orthopantomography and computerized tomography for assessment in presurgical implant dentistry.
The peculiarity of this case is that two supernumerary teeth were not visible neither in the orthopantomography (OPT) nor in the CBCT.
Orthopantomography of the lesional area revealed a well defined unilocular radiolucency extending from 82 to 75(Fig.3).
The analysis of an orthopantomography confirmed no bone or tooth alterations that could justify the swelling.