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The sinus node dysfunction is one of the most common reasons of the morbidity after the orthotopic heart transplant. It was noticed that the frequency of the sinus node dysfunction following the orthotopic heart transplant varied between 10% and 43% (4).
We present an unusual case of a 10-month-old patient who developed hematochezia following an orthotopic heart transplant, found to have neutropenia, and was subsequently diagnosed with NE.
(1-6) Of the 10 patients who received orthotopic heart transplants, 4 lived for more than 18 months; 2 of them became long-term survivors, one living for over 13 years and the other for over 24 years.
The study comprised 27 orthotopic heart transplants and 10 kidney transplants in children ranging in age from 1 month to 20 years.
Currently, in studies of orthotopic heart transplants, where the donor organ is placed in the normal life-sustaining position in the chest, the longest a nonhuman primate has survived supported by a pig heart has been 39 days, a result the authors nonetheless see as encouraging.