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Especially in the current political climate of criminal disinformation campaigns, false news, endless spin control, and utter disrespect for and blatant distortion of an adversary's statements, I would now emphasize that Hollis pays Orwell the deep respect of addressing his positions with full seriousness while bringing to the task literary clarity, political candor, and moral courage.
Toward the end of World War II, as Orwell began to castigate the Soviet Union as something less than a disinterested, gallant ally of the West, he became an object of suspicion in the eyes of those American leftists who sympathized with the cause of communism.
Orwell came into my mind this week as I read a newspaper article about today's real Big Brother, your mobile phone.
As Orwell wrote in his essay "Boys' Weeklies" (1940), he had been an avid reader of comics in childhood and at the time the adventure of colonialism--or as he put it, "at the outpost of Empire the monocled Englishmen are holding the niggers at bay"--was a recurring theme (Orwell 2002, 198-199).
Gillian Slovo, chair of the judging panel, said Meek had done exactly this and stated: "He has not written a polemic or an ideological tract, but a careful and elegant exploration of what exactly privatisation has produced in our country," adding "It more than passed the Orwell test of political writing as art, and for this the judges were unanimous in choosing it as the winner.
Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who inaugurated the Orwell memorial through remote control from Patna at a ceremony organised by the art, culture and youth department on Friday evening, said that he had visited Orwell's By Giridhar Jha in Patna years, the state government had undertaken the renovation work in 2014 at the birthplace of the celebrated 20th- century author known for widely acclaimed novels such as 1984 and Animal Farm.
We ve a long-standing relationship and proven track-record working with Orwell Offshore and are delighted to be working in partnership with them again on such a significant project, said Rob Anderson, managing director of FES International.
From their sheer number and range, it is clear that Orwell believed the subject mattered.
For Orwell, internment without charge, trial, or legal
Thus the Orwellian century has been defined largely by persons who know precious little of Orwell.
In fact, Orwell was so impressed with the value of the Penguin paperbacks -- a line of products from The Bodley Head publishers of London that had debuted in 1935 -- that he suggested other publishers would be wise to "combine against them and suppress them.