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OYOsakeyhtiö (Finnish: limited company)
OYOptimum Yield
OyOsakeyhtio (Finnish: Limited/Incorporated)
OYOption Year
OYOperating Year
OYOrganizing Youth
OYOxana Yablonskaya (classical pianist)
OYNew Zealand Life Insurance Stamp (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
OYCode for Danish Aero Plane
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Most recently, Palmroos was senior legal counsel at Siemens Osakeyhtio.
1945); Joined cases C-89/85, C-104/85, C-114/85, C-116/85, C-117/85, and C-125/85 to C-129/85, Ahlstrom Osakeyhtio et al.
Finnish investor Ahlstrom Capital, together with its unit Karhula Osakeyhtio, have sold stakes in AC drives maker Vacon Plc to DutchCo Gamma Holding, Vacon said in a statement.
The Finnish botanical geography) Werner Soderstrom Osakeyhtio, Porvoo, Finland.
Werner Soderstrom Osakeyhtio 1940-2003 [To wider vistas, to more open waters: Werner Soderstrom Publishing Company 1940-2003].
This translation was published in 2005 by Werner Soderstrom Osakeyhtio (WSOY) as part of an ongoing ten-year project to re-translate all of Shakespeare's plays into Finnish (scheduled completion 2013).
Ajasto Osakeyhtio (Finland), UllaVaananen, phone: 011-358-9870-621; fax: 011-358-9876-252, P 9.
He is the author of numerous books and articles on the history of the timber and the paper industries, including Kymin Osakeyhtio 1918-1939 (the History of the Kymmene Company) (1972), Enson-Gutzeit 1872-1992 (the History of Enson-Gutzeit) (1992), The History of Star Paper 1875-1960 (1976), "The Competitive Position of Finnish Paper Industry in the Inter-War Years," The Scandinavian Economic History Review 1 (1974), and "The Paper Industry in Finland and in Russia 1885-1913," The Scandinavian Economic History Review 1 (1979).
Siemens Osakeyhtio will be responsible for the delivery of the Juniper Networks M-series routers, plus Redcell(TM) network and service configuration suite of products from Dorado Software and related maintenance.
Each organization had its own weapons repair and manufacturing facilities, the army's Valtion Kivaaritehdas (VKT) and the Civil Guard's Suojeluskuntain Ase-ja Konepaja Osakeyhtio (SAKO).