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ODEONOscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation (chain of English cinemas)
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Others stated its letters were an acronym for a slogan which brought to mind the man whose great concept this was: Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation. Whatever it meant, it did not really matter for as you tried the name Odeon on your tongue it seemed to send your mind soaring into make-believe worlds and dream palaces.
The word Odeon was in use as a cinema brand at the time in France and is of Greek origin, but was appropriated by Deutsch to form the company motto: Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation.
Odeon Cinemas 1: Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation. London: BFI/CTA, 2002.
19 "Oscar Deutsch entertains our nation" became a logical slogan for which entertainment business founded by that man?
The name was said to be an acronym of Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation. Although Deutsch died from cancer in 1941, he had already built the company into the country's largest brand, which his widow then sold to J Arthur Rank.