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OSEKOhio Society for the Elevation of Kites (Cleveland, OH)
OSEKOffene Systeme und Deren Schnittstellen für die Elektronik im Kraftfahrzeug (English: Open Systems and the Corresponding Interfaces for Automotive Electronics).
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The virulence of Campylobacter species is associated with flagellar motility, adhesion, invasion and production of cytolethal distending toxins (ROZYNEK et al., 2005; MARTINEZ et al., 2006; WIECZOREK & OSEK, 2008; RIPABELLI et al., 2010; GONZALEZ-HEIN et al., 2013; DI GIANNATALE et al., 2014; BOLTON, 2015).
The situation was similar in the orchestrally-renowned Cistercian monastery of Osek, Bohemia.
While the new legislation has apparently brought the desirable results, with Defence Minister Demetris Eliades claiming that draft dodgers' numbers in last December's conscriptions were close to zero, OSEK claims that the law has unfairly and illegally targeted Greek nationals.
We can only speculate on the print run, but the collection must have been disseminated to some extent since we find it listed in the already mentioned later inventory of the Osek Monastery.
Survivors include two daughters, Chris Hough of Eugene and Linda Shumate of Florence; three sons, John of Bothell, Wash., Thomas of Velky Osek, Czech Republic, and Philip of Bend; and six grandchildren.
We touched at Osek and passed into Slavonia; and while we were going on toward Pakrac, in one village we had an adventure such as we had never expected.
OSEK operating system objects and services can be specified on block diagram level, and TargetLink generates all the code.
The new CodeWarrior Automotive Development System is an out-of-the-box development environment that integrates Motorola's hardware development platforms with Metrowerk's CodeWarrior tools for embedded systems, low-level device drivers (LLDs) and a small footprint version of the OSEK real-time operating system, called Metrowerk OSEK turbo.
The device provides support for CAN transport layer protocols such as DeviceNet, CANopen and OSEK in hardware rather than leaving the responsibility to the designer to implement in software, resulting in reduced Central Processing Unit (CPU) overhead and increased power to run the application.
(10.) The Midrash puts it trenchantly: "zeh 'osek b'sadehu, v'zeh 'osek b'karmo ...