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OSEMOpen Service Event Manager
OSEMOrdered Subsets Expectation-Maximization
OSEMOptical Soft Edge Matching (Barco)
OSEMIntegrated Optical Position Sensor/Electromagnetic Driver
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OSEM Center is a one-stop center for human resources practitioner.
Just as in PET/CT, PET images were reconstructed using OSEM (3 iterations and 21 subsets; Gaussian filter, 4 mm; matrix size, 344x344).
Caption: Figure 3: Images reconstructed by CIR, OS-EM, rescaled OS-EM, and third-order RK (abbreviated as CIR, OSEM, ROSEM, and MRK3, resp.) with M =1, 2, 4, and 8.
List-mode scan data were binned into 14 time frames (10 s x 9, 30 s x 3, 60 s x 1, 120 s x 1) and iteratively reconstructed using the vendor OSEM method (VuePointHD, 24 subsets, 4 iterations) with an 8 mm 3D Hann postfilter and were corrected for physical decay of the tracer [5].
Three-dimensional SPECT images were reconstructed using Astonish[TM] technology, which adopts an iterative ordered-subset expectation-maximization (OSEM) algorithm with built-in scatter correction and attenuation correction [24].
Therefore, these activities have the potential to shift species diversity and composition resulting in direct species loss (Osem et al., 2002) or favoring the establishment of invasive species, either exotic or native (Valery et al., 2004; Blaum et al., 2007) that could be used as indicator species.
The Osem food company -- famous for its bouillon-esque "soup powder" ( avqat maraq ) -- developed a substitute by toasting tiny balls of wheat paste in an oven.
Muscat, Jan 25 (ONA) The Ministry of Health (MOH), represented by the Environmental and Occupational Health Department, in collaboration with the Oman Medical Association (OMA) and Oman Society of Emergency Medicine (OSEM) organized the 5th International MENATOX Toxicology Conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Muscat.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: Maimon's Baking Ltd., Poliva Ltd., Hanamal LTD, General Mills, Inc., Angel Food Bakery, Osem Investments Ltd., MishkeiHarei Yehuda, Unilever PLC, Post Holdings, Inc, The Kellogg Company, Cereal Partners Worldwide S.A., Monday Ltd, Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd, PepsiCo, Inc., Danshar Ltd, Nestle S.A., ELBISCO HOLDING S.A., Strauss Group Ltd., Abadi Bakery Ltd, Campbell Soup Company, Rokachman Ltd, Carmit Candy Industries Ltd, Barilla S.p.A.