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OSEROffice of State Employment Relations (Wisconsin)
OSEROptical Sciences and Engineering Research (Virginia)
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Oser follows suit in his book by reflecting on the brushes that religion has with culture.
Oser explained that it functions just like any other finance service, with the same payment options others offer.
In three successive chapters that form the foundation of the hook, Oser presents Chesterton, Eliot, and Tolkien as the twentieth century's principal exponents of Christian humanism.
To good advantage, Oser engages thinkers of the stature of Kierkegaard (quoted 109), whose "existence spheres: the esthetic, the ethical, the religious" enable him to find a way in this uncharted cosmos.
As the two major "Victorian forerunner(s) of the ethics of modernism," they provide Oser with a set of oppositions--seeing the object v.
Creating his own tradition in myth, Tolkien achieves in his fiction the very thing that Tolkien admired about Shakespeare (and that Oser recommends in him): "So great is the bounty with which he [Shakespeare] has been treated that he may now, perhaps, fairly dare to guess that in Fantasy he may actually assist in the effoliation and multiple enrichment of creation" (Tolkien 180; qtd.
Goldberg might also have paid cl oser attention to the political situations in which feminists have used various kinds of female "goodness" to counter scholarship that omits or trivializes women's writing.
The website includes video recipes from soy cookbook authors such as Marie Oser, who wrote "Soy of Cooking," and Patricia Greenberg, author of "The Joy of Soy.
Another way to think about children and spirituality is given by Oser (Oser and Scarlett, 1991).
Directed by Julie Oser McLeod, this unique program includes a three-week choreography workshop to share ideas, skills, and vocabulary.
Conventional platemaking evolved over 40 years, becoming friendlier to users and the environment, said Mark Oser, Western Lithotech research and development director.
You don't want to get into any half-baked solutions where you may, for instance, do a lot of fancy work with employees' boots to prevent them from tracking contamination into a clean room, but at the same time you allow forklifts to run back and forth," says Alan Oser, director of technical services for Hatfield Quality Meats, Hatfield, Pa.