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OSLAOntario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists
OSLAOntario School Library Association
OSLAOklahoma Student Loan Authority
OSLAOcean State Lawyers for the Arts (est. 1984; Rhode Island)
OSLAOverseas Securities Lending Agreement
OSLAOne Step Loading Adapter (US Air Force)
OSLAOffice of Student Legislative Affairs (Bellevue College; Bellevue, WA)
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Collateral Performance for OSLA 2011-1: Fitch assumes a base case default rate of 21.
From the two figures, we can conclude that OSLA approach achieves highly competitive performance to NRML on KinFaceW-I and achieves better performance on KinFaceW-II.
The OSLA was superseded by the Global Master Securities Lending Agreement.
Their first victim was 23-year-old Osla, the grand-daughter of a Lord who appears to have a phobia about washing both herself and her clothes.
it sees Aggie McKenzie and Kim Woodburn (below) attempt to improve the personal hygiene of dozy, smelly toffs like 23-year-old Osla.
Afet inan'in kitabinin en ilginc bolumu, ingiltere'de koylu kadinlarin olusturdugu cemiyet toplantisinin anlatildigi bolum osla gerek.
Before marrying the Queen, he was involved with Osla Benning, a beautiful young Canadian deb who almost became his fiancee.
According to Dr Khalid al Rasadi, head of the bioA[degrees] chemistry department in the College of Medicine, SQU and president of OSLA, organisations such as Oman Diabetes AssocA[degrees]iation, Oman Cancer Association, Oman Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society and others held events independently focused on one health condition.
The "Omani women health event" is being jointly organised by the OSLA and the College of Nursing Sultan Qaboos University.
Bezpecnostni tema se poprve dostalo do rozvojove agendy Svetove banky v roce 1994, kdy mela banka po uzavreni dohody z Osla spravovat financni pomoc pro Gazu a Zapadni breh.