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OSLAOntario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists
OSLAOntario School Library Association
OSLAOklahoma Student Loan Authority
OSLAOcean State Lawyers for the Arts (est. 1984; Rhode Island)
OSLAOverseas Securities Lending Agreement
OSLAOne Step Loading Adapter (US Air Force)
OSLAOffice of Student Legislative Affairs (Bellevue College; Bellevue, WA)
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Her friends, whom I can only presume have failed to convince Osla of the benefits of showering, cheerfully described how she smells of dog poo as she picks her nose and puts the contents into her jeans pockets, which are as unwashed as the rest of her.
Osla admitted she doesn't wash often, her underwear has lain dirty for up to a year and her idea of a morning routine was to get out of bed fully clothed and squirt herself with body spray - she isn't fooling anyone, Kim and Aggie included.
Too Posh To Wash is still effective television, although God only knows why people like Osla, however dirty, would quite literally want to air their dirty laundry in such a public way on national television.
Boarding-school-educated Osla, the granddaughter of a lord, hadn't washed for two weeks, slept in the same sheets for seven months and wore her bra for two years without washing it.
The bra was black and it never looked dirty, so I didn't wash it," Osla explains.
The objectives of the OSLA are to advocate for quality patient care concerning lipid disorders and atherosclerosis through education, research, development and application of national standards and guidelines to influence healthcare policy.
In County Durham, 23-year-old Osla, the grand-daughter of a lord, has worn the same bra for more than a year and has the remains of brace glue on her teeth.
Osla needs to be dipped in bleach and given a right good talking-to.
THE most serious affair was with a Canadian called Osla Benning and he was said to be deeply in love with Deborah Mitford, who was to become the Duchess of Devonshire.
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A landslide in Oslas Street occurred on 19-20 August 2001, as a result of improper reinforcement of the slope.
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