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OssIIron (linguistics)
OssIOperations Support System Interface
OssIOracle Secure Search Initiative
OssIOpen Source Software Institute
OssIOffice of Security and Strategic Information (US DHHS)
OssIOutback Steakhouse, Inc. (stock symbol)
OssIOffice of Security Services International
OssIOperation Support Systems Interface
OssIOffice of Supplemental Security Income (Social Security Administration)
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He demonstrates the shift in Montale's poetics--from Symbolism and tradition to Modernism and innovation--through a comparative reading of the first two editions of the Ossi (in particular "Mediterraneo" and the two versions of "Meriggiare" from 1916 and 1922).
While OSSI is still a small organization, it has made a difference in supporting the work of independent plant breeders and has helped foster the growth of decentralized plant breeding and seed enterprises that serve the needs of a just and agro-ecological food system through the development and release of open source plant varieties.
The most popular critical explanation of Ossi di seppia is undoubtedly Italo Calvino's.
"We're working to build a commercial model so people can buy freed seed," says Jack Kloppenburg, an OSSI board member and sociologist emeritus at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
Unlike many of the multinational corporations - which develop seeds, patent them and then control their continued use - she and her fellow OSSI seed farmers take the opposite approach, Deppe says.
Weaver said with the mobilization role winding down, "OSSI is a very good fit for us." He said as the home for the unmanned flight facility that trains all National Guard soldiers, "having that school with the software side is a perfect fit for us."
Leading grid p ositions: 1 J Lorenzo, 2 D Pedrosa,3C Crutchlow,4BS pies,5SBr adl,6 AD ovizioso,7JR ea,8VR ossi,9NH ayden.
Marla, former Oracle vice president and head of Oracle Solution Services in India (OSSI) - Oracle's global consulting organization, has joined CIBER's executive team as its Senior Vice President and President CIBER India, CIBER's primary global delivery center.
"FMV's ability to support world-class aviation medicine training, research, and test and evaluation will be assured for the long term by the cost savings and facility management skills delivered by Qinetiq," said Brigadier General Ossi Koukkula, FMV's director of test and evaluation.
Organiser Ossi Arvela insisted all safety procedures had been followed but said the contest which has been running since 1999 would now be scrapped.
The regular thumping of the percussion and eke - the talking drum - along with the non-stop marching dance of the lead vocalist Ossi kept the audience swaying, and some were even up on their feet.
"Until recently, most non-IT types within the government simply didn't know what was running behind the scenes," says John Weathersby, executive director of the Open Source Software Institute (OSSI).