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OSOperating System
OSOh Shoot (polite form)
OSOculus Sinister (Latin: Left Eye)
OSOpen Source
OSOpen Systems
OSOn Schedule
OSOld Style
OSOld School
OSOnline Services
OSOne Side
OSOverall Survival
OSOff Screen (cinematography)
OSOuter Space
OSOut of Stock
OSOffice of the Secretary
OSOffice Support
OSOrdnance Survey
OSOmaha Steaks (meat company)
OSOld Style (or Old System; referring to Julian Calendars)
OSOrlando Sentinel (Orlando, FL newspaper)
OSOutsourcing Services
OSOutput Status
OSAustrian Airlines (IATA airline code)
OSOperational Security
OSOld Stuff :-)
OSOcean Springs (Mississippi)
OSOliver Stone (director)
OsOrioles (Baltimore baseball team)
OSOld Spice (after shave brand)
OSOcean Shores (Washington)
OSOwen Sound (City, Canada)
OSOff Stage
osOssetian (language identifier; RFC 3066)
OSOn Scene
OSOver the Shoulder (cinematography)
OSOversold (stock market)
OSOxygen Sensor
OSOutlaw Star (action-anime)
OSOnly Son
OSOs Giken (automotive racing parts manufacturer)
OSObservational Study
OSOrthopedic Surgeon
OSOver Speed
OSOperations Specialist (USN Rating)
OSOpen Sockets (Diablo II gaming)
OSOptical Scanning
OSOver Stock
OSOlympiska Spelen (Swedish: Olympic Games)
OSOwn Ship
OSOld Saxon
OSOutdoor Skills
OSOsijek, Croatia (license plate)
OSOrganizational Support
OSOperserv (IRC Operator Server)
OSOnboard Software
OSOcean Surveillance
OSOrdinary Seaman
OSOff Scene
OSOffice of Security
OSOffice Superintendent
OSObsidian Sanctum (World of Warcraft)
OSOrdinary Seaman (Canadian naval rank)
OSOperations Squadron
OSOrder Statistic
OSOrbital Station
OSOffice of Systems
OSOil Separator
OSOutput Spy
OSOffice of Sustainability
OSOperating Standard
OSOperating Statement
OSOhr Somayach (school)
OSOpening Snap (mitral valve)
OSOffensive Support
OSOptical Sight
OSOuvrier Spécialisé (French: semi-skilled worker)
OSObiettivi Specifici
OSOpen Skies treaty
OSOfficer's Statement (performance evaluation)
OSObservation Squadron
OSOperational Suitability
OSOrthopterists' Society
OSObject Slice
OSOperating Strength
OSOrganized Stalking
OSOptical Silicon (semiconductor chip components)
OSOver Shield (Halo video game)
OSOvertime Scheduled
OSOblates of Wisdom
OSOperationalizing the Strategy
OSOgawa Shigeo (Engines)
OSOtm Shank Jazz Quintet (band)
OSOrganic Signal
OSOrienting Station (surveyed reference location for artillery position)
OSOrdnance Specification
OSOperational Superintendence (on overtime forms)
OSOld Silcoatian (Silcoates School, Wakefield, UK)
OSOregon State (also seen as OSU)
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Most casual observers had no understanding of the complexity of this conflict and had no idea that ethnic Ossetians are completely distinct in their language and culture from ethnic Georgians.
In 1992, Georgia was forced to accept a cease-fire with Russia wherein the government of Georgia and South Ossetian separatists pledged not to use force against one another and Georgia agreed not to impose sanctions against South Ossetia.
7, Tskhovrebova huddled with her family while Georgia shelled innocent civilians in the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali.
Most Ossetians converted to Christianity, and more than 60 percent of them are Christian today, although there is also a sizable Muslim minority.
To begin with, the first reports of large numbers of casualties seem to have come from the South Ossetians.
This is the fate of Georgia under the unstable leadership of Mikheil Saakashvili and the reason why the South Ossetians see a better future as part of Russia than of Georgia.
Was it not the Georgians that started the conflict while the south Ossetians were asleep in their beds?
Tensions also rose as Moscowbacked South Ossetian soldiers carried out widespread looting.
Hundreds of South Ossetian rebels with some Russian army personnel went house-to-house in villages near Gori.
REFUGEES: South Ossetian women wait for humanitarian aid to be delivered
A BBC reporter in Gori said Russian tanks were in the streets - but said it was paramilitary groups belonging to Russia's South Ossetian allies who were looting.
He sent his troops across the ceasefire line with the mission to seize control of Tskhinvali, the South Ossetian capital and dismantle the rebel secessionist government there.