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ÖSSÖðrenci Seçme Sýnavý (Turkish: National University Entrance Exam)
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The periphery is situated on the territories spoken by the Iranian language Ossetic and the Lezgic languages Udi, Archi and Aghul whose RSVs lie under 40%.
It was employed by, among others, Itkin ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 2002) for Veps, Belyaev (2010) for Ossetic, Thuilier (2011) for Hungarian, Grenoble (2014) for Evenki, Jadhav (2014) for Marathi.
also Johnny Cheung, Studies in the Historical Development of the Ossetic Vocalism (Wiesbaden 2002), 165-66.
It belongs to a fairly large group with examples known to me in the area between Ossetic and West Pahari.
Unlike what we observe in the Slavic and Kartvelian language families, finally, Ossetic is the only Iranic language hating developed this kind of derivational-like grammatical category (Edel'man 2002: 127); hence, Abaev [1965/1995: 343-354] and Edel'man [2002: 127] consider the aspectual value of preverbs, together with the Genitive-Accusative case marking on direct objects, to be a very old grammatical isogloss shared by Ossetic and Russian, which goes back to early contacts between Scythian and Eastern Slavs (7).
Such a work should synthesize the materials in the Sources on the Alans with archaeological findings and whatever the Ossetic language and literature may have preserved from the past.
182): A mention could have been made of the occasional apparent survival of PIE *l as l in Persian and Ossetic.
Ossetic is spoken by approximately half a million inhabitants of the autonomous Republic of North Ossetia-Alania in the Russian Federation and the former autonomous region of South Ossetia in Georgia, as well as adjoining regions of the central Caucasus and emigrant communities in cities such as Moscow, St.
asku- for Ossetic (Iron) [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 'haunch (as food)' (in Miller-Frejman 1080, this word is given as sgy 'bedrennaja kost' [thigh-bone]) and connects it with Av, ascuua-.
LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]-, Ossetic zarond) with amphikinetic accent jarant- < [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]-ont- / jurate < [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Nussbaum 1976: 18-20, etc.
Today the Ossetes, the Alans' linguistic descendants, inhabit a comparatively small area in the Central Caucasus (the North Ossetic Republic--Alanija, and the (formerly autonomous) South Ossetic region of Georgia).
Abaev (CnoBapb, III: 33) accounts for Ossetic sar [sim] sarae 'woe