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OSTFOther Side of the Fence
OSTFOregon Short Term Fund
OSTFOberlin Summer Theater Festival (Oberlin, OH)
OSTFOriginal Sovereign Tribal Federation (Australia)
OSTFOld Spanish Trail Festival (Crestview, FL)
OSTFObject Services Task Force (Object Management Group)
OSTFoff-site treatment facility
OSTFOrthogonal Short-Time Fourier
OSTFOnline Safety Task Force (Vermont)
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Although Canadian churches presented a strongly-worded letter to heads of government at the Quebec City Summit of the Americas, some faith-based protestors on the other side of the fence came away from the weekend disgruntled at what they call a weak showing from the church community.
But it happened, unofficially anyway, as our city's transient people roamed freely on the other side of the fence near the school yard.
Most chilling of all, they could see Nazi war prisoners on the other side of the fence, enjoying relative freedom.
Life "on the other side of the fence" wasn't easy for Hackney and his foundry, which he renamed Southern Ductile.
Now, when finally finding freedom on the other side of the fence, jamaquacks have one more job: to "Quack!" as loudly as possible to their fellow jamaquacks still trapped on the inside.