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OWOKOtherwise Okay
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The casualty was checked over in back of the helicopter and found to be cold but otherwise okay."
THE MANAGER..................................7 Shorey's absence remains a mystery but Cech did well and otherwise okay.
"And though he is a little tired from the journey he is otherwise okay. A rider will sit up on him tomorrow and we will canter him onWednesday.
He's got a few cuts and bruises and it looks as though he's been coursed, but he's otherwise okay.
She is back home now after spending three days in hospital, badly bruised but otherwise okay.
Newmarket's director of racing Michael Prosser was able to confirm: "Philip was winded and has some bruising but I'm pleased to say is otherwise okay." John Gosden, the only trainer ahead of Barry Hills in the season's table, kept up his fine form with success in the Stanjames.
M Riley (W Yorkshire): should have awarded a spot-kick to Blues in first half but otherwise okay.
Haslam added: "He has got plenty of cuts and grazes on him, but is otherwise okay. What happened is completely out of character for him.
U Rennie (Sheffield): McCann gave him a big push at one point, gave wrong decision to keep James on the pitch but otherwise okay.
Nigel Hawke, trainer of Stars In His Eyes, reported Harris to be battered and bruised but otherwise okay. A spokeswoman later reported Harris to be conscious and in a stable condition.
"From the reserves the other night Mark Davies felt a slight soreness in his stomach but was otherwise okay and Paul Ince and Jody Craddock came through really well," said Hoddle.