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F-15 fighters at Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod remain on standby for emergencies, but 1,500 civilian employees who work at Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford have been furloughed for the duration of the shutdown.
Part of the "Images of America" series, Camp Edwards and Otis Air Force Base is a stunning collection of vintage black-and-white photographs portraying Massachusetts' Camp Edwards and Otis Air National Guard Base, used to train the National Guard.
Parts of the aquifer have been contaminated by fuel spills and other past practices at the reservation's Otis Air Force Base, which is being cleaned up under the Superfund program.
The White House told the Vineyard Gazette that he and his family would fly to Otis air force base, on nearby Cape Cod, on Sunday aboard Air Force One and transfer to Vineyard by helicopter.
50pm: Two F-15 fighters from Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod accompany the plane to Logan.
It was reported two F-15 jets were scrambled to intercept the Boeing 767, but they were barely off the runway at Otis Air Force Base before word came in of the crash.
The bill will restore 141 jobs at Otis Air Force base, retain 10 jobs at the Barnes Air National guard base, retain operation of eight C-5 aircraft at Westover Air Force Base and fund a radar system upgrade for F-15 jets, including those operated out of Barnes, with installation of a new Active Electronically Scanned Array V3 radars.
We just finished a project at Otis Air Force Base which involved the demolition of 98 housing barracks.
Bernard, son of Robert and Dianne Bernard of Auburn, has been awarded the honor of Airman of the Year, 102nd Intelligence Wing, Otis Air Force Base, Cape Cod, Falmouth.
USDA staff members at Otis Air Force Base conducted the genetic analysis of the Boston beetles, according to Mr.
Chief Girard held out a ring of accountability cards he found from a firefighter at Otis Air Force Base.
Private services and burial at Massachusetts National Cemetery at Otis Air Force Base.