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OCOptical Carrier
OCOrange County (California; New York)
OCOver Clock (computer CPU)
OCOf Course
OCOrange County (TV show)
OCOklahoma Christian University
OCOcean City, MD
OCOcean City
OCOpen Carry (firearm possession)
OCOriginal Character (fanfiction new, made-up character)
OCOxyContin (prescription drug; aka Oxys)
OCOut of Control
OCOdessa College (Odessa, Texas)
OCOpen Circuit (SCUBA and electronics)
OCOn Center
OCOnline Community
OCOriginal Content
OCOrganic Carbon
OCOn Camera
OCOral Contraceptive
OCOff Camera (cinematography)
OCOrganized Crime
OCOleoresin Capsicum (active ingredient in pepper spray)
OCOregon City (Oregon)
OCOberlin College (Oberlin, Ohio)
OCOregon Coast
OCOn Course
OCOrder of Canada
OCOak Cliff (Dallas neighborhood)
OCOliver Cromwell
OCOral Communication
OCOther Character
OCOfficer Commanding
OCOperating Cost
OCOversight Committee
OCOffice of Communications
OCOperating Company
OCOptical Communications
OCOfficer in Command
OCOld Chinese (language of pre 400BC)
OCOpenCup (online tournament)
OCObject Class
OCOpen Collector (electronics, transistors)
OCOffice of Compliance (US FDA)
OCOfficer of the Order of Canada
OCOld Chap (ham radio shorthand)
OCOptical Channel
OCOperational Control
OCOpen Content
OCOperating Characteristic
OCOffice of the Commissioner
OCOpen Canvas (art program)
OCOffice of the Comptroller
OCOakland City (Indiana College)
OCOperational Capability
OCOperation Center
OCOfficer Candidate
OCOperator Console
OCOld Covenant (biblical law)
OCOperant Conditioning (a training technique)
OCOpposing Counsel (legal notation)
OCOutside Corner (measuring in construction)
OCOperating Committee
OCOndes Courtes (French: shortwave)
OCOrlando Cabrera (baseball player)
OCObstetric Cholestasis
OCOxnard College (Oxnard, CA)
OCOver Crowded
OCOutput Compare
OCObserver Controller
OCOpen Computing
OCOceanic Crust
OCOperation Class
OCOutput Coupler (optics, lasers)
OCOcean Conservancy
OCOperations Coordinator
OCOffering Circular
OCOracle Clinical
OCOakwood College (Alabama)
OCOglethorpe County (Georgia)
OCOptical Colonoscopy
OCOn-scene Commander
OCOperations Controller
OCOverture Center (performing arts)
OCOutput Check
OCOut Calls
OCOrganisme Certificateur
OCOut Cast (gaming clan)
OCOne Communications, Inc.
OCOccupancy Certificate (residential license)
OCChristian O'Connell (radio personality; UK)
OCOctopus Card (Hong Kong smart payment card)
OCOperating Curve
OCOrganisme Conventionné (French: Accredited Body)
OCOperation Channel
OCOutdoors Center (Texas A&M)
OCOutside Circumference
OCOrdinary Cadet
OCOrientation Counselor
OCOperation Context
OCOxygen Cutting
OCOpere Citato (Latin: In the Work Cited)
OCOperator Centralization
OCOrganizational Committee of ACC
OCOdin's Court (rock and metal band)
OCOrmiston College
OCOrdres Courants (French: current orders)
OCOudste Categorie (Dutch)
OCOfficer's Cook
OCOrganizadora de Comercio (Spanish; Guatemala)
OCOtaku Convention (Japanese film festival)
OCOrdnance Controller
OCOffice and Communication Module
OCOutside Contracting/Contractor
OCOrder of the Carmelites (religious order)
OCOutage Continuing
OCOuter Chuck
OCOperational Concept/Operating Concept
OCOpen Within Memory Cell
OCOffice Coordinator (administrative position)
OCOmnipotent Carnage (gaming clan)
OCOwl City (band)
OCOrange Crush
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The ongoing lack of voluntary inter-municipal planning cooperation prompted the government of Ontario to legislate a second tier of local government, the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton (RMOC), which came into being on 1 January 1969.
Partially funded, ironically enough, by the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton, Nobody's Nothing is a concentrated and defiant defence of individual identity in a world collapsing into high-velocity enchantments of technology and mass consumption.
29 for allegedly "engaging in threatening conduct" toward a 59-year-old woman formerly employed at the nunciature, an Ottawa-Carleton police official said Jan.
I recently watched a demonstration of the Ottawa-Carleton Region Tactical Response Team.
Chowaniec has been recognized for his business leadership with the Chairman's Award of the Ottawa-Carleton Research Institute.
People who live in the Ottawa-Carleton region recognize the outstanding work CHEO does for our community.
Twenty youth in the Ottawa-Carleton area have a chance to be part of a history-making event in 2010, thanks to the efforts of a young First Nations role model.
Rwandese Social Services and Family Counselling Centre e/o Jewish Family Services of Ottawa-Carleton.
Not really if the Ottawa-Carleton School Board has its way.
He also has studied at the Ottawa-Carleton Institute in Canada and the Paris Cap Gemini Consulting University.
Judge, Judicial District of Ottawa-Carleton 1968-78; Judge, County Court of Lanark 1978-84; Judge, District Court of Ont.
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