OUKOpen University of Kaohsiung (Taiwan, China)
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OUKOsterreichische UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)-Kommission (German: Austrian UNESCO Commission)
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Minister Ouk Rabun said rice production is expanding due to intensive efforts by the government, the private sector and farmers.
12) During the third century Origen of Alexandria taught that God creates the world not out of relative non-being, or me on, but out of absolute non-being, or ouk on.
Y asi otra vez: "la verdura" no es la que se nos muestra porque "la verdura" existia hace diez mil anos (to lakhanon ouk esti to deiknumenon lakhanon m'en gar en pro muripn eton) Por lo tanto, no es esta verdura.
La differenza tra i due sostantivi viene letta in chiave soloniana: alla ricchezza ottenuta con il beneplacito degli dei, ovvero quella di Dario, che ha costruito [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] dell'impero persiano ouk [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (v.
The latest ambassador for Habitat Youth BUILD is Cambodian singer Ouk Sokun Kanha, who joins the ranks of renowned young Hong Kong architect Fai Au and model Kelly Fu, Big Brother winner Slater Young from the Philippines, Olympian and World Boxing Champion Mary Kom, actor and TV presenter Purab Kohli from India.
Ouk Kimlek, an undersecretary of state at the Ministry of Interior who sat on the acid law drafting committee, said the sub-decree was still being worked on, but he did not know when it would be issued.
7) Many other stories and versions are rejected as ou pista (not trustworthy) or ouk ekhei elegkhon (beyond refutation) or without evidence (ergoi .
En una discusion sobre animales que no han nacido de los individuos de su especie, sino (se pensaba) espontaneamente de otros tipos de materia (ta d' ouk ek zoion all'automata, 551a1), Aristoteles habla precisamente de estos gusanos que viven en los cuerpos de los animales o seres humanos (en tois zoiois, 551a8).
Parmenides wrote: hopos estin te kai hos ouk esti ("there is 'it-is,' and there is 'it-not-is'").
Songwriters of the time were exclusively male, among them Pov Sipor, Mer Bun, Sin Sisamouth, Kung Van Choeun, Has Salon, Voy Ho, Malapi, Ouk Sinareth, and Samneang Rithy.
De inmediato, en ese mismo pasaje, Aristoteles caracteriza a la capacidad de metaforizar como un poder originario, es decir, no puede sino provenir del talento de cada uno, pues "no puede ser tomada de otro" (labein ouk estin auten par' allou) (66).
Proponemos esta construccion a partir del griego antiguo ouk, ou, no + nomos.