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newn t aparco~ lliou tanastath~ ouk oiden oia glwssa, mishth~ kuno~ leixasa kakteinasa faidron ou~ dikhn, ath~ laqraiou teuxetai kakh tuch.
Ouk Kimsith said Graham faces two charges: giving false information and defaming Cambodia.
the following words and phrases reflecting his evil personality: kakia, mania, anoiktisto~ tropo~, oude; wkteirhse, ouc upemnhsqh, ouk wkteire, ouden ton anaidh emele peri autwn .
Chroek Mao, 31, one of the suspects arrested, claimed he was hired along with four others by a former government soldier, Ouk Satya, to launch the bomb attacks to ''demand money and create social disorder.
For this reason the doctor's tasks are much more varied and require more precision (dia p leiono~ akribeih~): for one must aim at a measure (dei gar metrou tino~ stocasasqai); but you will find no measure, nor number nor weight besides, by referring to which you will know with precision, expect the sensation of the body (metron de oude ariqmon oute staqmon al lon pro~ o anaferwn eish to akribe~, ouk an euroi~ all h tou swmato~ aisqhsin).
Chroek Mao told reporters that he was hired along with four other accomplices by a former government soldier, Ouk Satya, to launch the bomb attacks in order to demand money and create social disorder.
Finally, King Norodom Sihanouk will sign it into law, said Ouk Bun Chheoun, chairman of the Senate's legislation committee.
Seven banners, each approximately seven feet in height, will feature the inspiring stories and photos of Minnesotans like Cathy Dougherty of Lindstrom and Sophal Ouk of Savage.
The national authority also plan to distribute free condoms for some 150,000 female workers at garment factories during the festival, said Ouk Marady, a technical assistant at the national authority, citing that garment workers are the most likely targets of men looking for partners during the festival.
Ouk Sorn, 67, a farmer from the eastern province of Svay Rieng, near the country's border with Vietnam, said she was very happy to see Angkor Wat.
CirTran also signed a three-year Employment Agreement with Sov Ouk, the founder of Global Marketing, to serve as senior vice president of the new subsidiary.