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OULIPOOuvroir de Litterature Potentielle (French writers' group)
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Este es el caso de buena parte de las relaciones que la critica sobre Martinez ha hecho, estableciendo relaciones de copresencia entre La nueva novela y otros autores, textos o movimientos como el simbolismo mallarmeano, el Nonsense, OuLiPo, el surrealismo o el concretismo.
The third collection expands this list of words by publishing 8 projects tagged by the following categories, such as poetry, code, activist, generative, combinatorial, BASIC, Oulipo, hypertext, database, and HyperCard.
No obstante, el escritor hispano-argentino Andres Neuman muestra en su ultima obra publicada hasta la fecha, Barbarismos (2014) (5), un diccionario que seria del agrado del miembro de OULIPO.
Although he professed to be content with its kaleidoscope of styles he was unhappy with its balance between fact and fiction, something the avant-garde Oulipo group were little concerned with, but which defined the greater part of Johnson's literary output.
These drawings, inspired in part by Georges Perec and the Oulipo movement in France in the 1960s, are essentially a form of public notation.
French poet and novelist Queneau (1903-1976), co-founder of the experimental writing group OULIPO, famously rewrote one anecdote about a man on a bus in 99 different rhetorical styles, from the sonnet to Cockney dialect, passive voice, official letter, haiku, rhyming slang, and Spoonerisms.
For Clute and Edwards, The Avant-Garde Finds Andy Hardy is a symptom of the current aporia of noir studies: "the more one reads of noir scholarship, the more one has the impression everyone has been trying to understand noir constraint in an oulipian sense, but often without the prerequisite knowledge of the Oulipo to make their positions explicit" (italics mine, 35).
Putting two things together that are unrelated gives me an idea," Leve states in Autportrait, inviting comparisons to his Oulipo forebears and to Raymond Roussel, whom he admired deeply.
Las exploraciones literarias del colectivo de origen frances OuLiPo, los recitales del duo catalan Accidents Polipoetics y las interpretaciones en play-back del grupo chino Back Dorm Boys.
Dentro del OuLiPo frances tambien se ha trabajado manipulando los cliches o "langage cuit" (lenguaje cocido), segun la expresion de Robert Desnos, quien tomaba esas frases para cambiar sus adjetivos por sus antonimos.
the syntax, write from the text's point of view"), then it dismisses the non-lyrical approaches of Oulipo, then it closes with pure, transparent, personal lyric: ("your / rhythmic breathing lulling our second child growing / nameless in the warm pit of your belly.
Press), Levin Becker writes that "the Oulipo has served as the laboratory in which some of modernity's most inventive, challenging, and flat-out baffling textual experiments have been undertaken.