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He was speaking at a farewell dinner hosted by him in honour of the out-going army chief here on Wednesday night.
PIBC is all praise for the out-going high commissioner," Kasuri said.
The countries out-going interim President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, who lead the transnational-federal government, conceded defeat to the new president-elect via a live national television broadcast.
Maleki's out-going government has said repeatedly that signed petroleum contracts would not be cancelled.
Plans to upload all patients' personal medical records onto a centrally-stored network have been met with delays and controversy since they were announced by the out-going Labour Government.
On the other hand, the Minister met with the Japanese out-going ambassador Masakazu Toshikage in the occasion of ending his mission as an ambassador to Yemen.
Shrewd "The out-going directors were very shrewd businessmen indeed and dare I say that they made it quite difficult for the Chinese with the deal.
Leslie Roberts appeared at Birmingham's magistrates court after bringing a summons against the out-going Chief Constable Sir Paul Scott-Lee.
Today Tanisha's mum Kim Hill and dad Richie Goffey paid tribute to their out-going daughter who they said brought smiles to their faces every single day.
The pay-off itself will see around pounds 420,000 added to out-going executive Phil Halsall's pension pot, and he will also be given an pounds 80,000 lump sum.
Aberdeen, who are trying to replace out-going hitman Steve Lovell, headed the list of Scottish clubs keen to land the striker after he was freed by Nottingham Forest.
But he refused to say much more after making a statement describing Ms Lloyd as one of the brightest, most out-going, hard working and generous people he knew.