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OOBAOut-Of-Band Authentication
OOBAOff Off Broadway Alliance (now Alliance of Resident Theatres in New York)
OOBAOut-Of-Box Audit
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We also try to strengthen the security using out-of-band authentication with two-factor authentication method.
Because out-of-band authentication requires the user to take a call, it may be disruptive to the workplace.
EoACA[pounds sterling]The fact that a security savvy company like DocuSign has incorporated AuthentifyEoACAOs telephone based out-of-band authentication process is a validation of the value of voice and voice biometrics as an enabler in the electronic signature space.
By combining out-of-band authentication with real-time fraud alerts, PhoneFactor offers the strongest level of security for protecting employee and customer access - and is more cost efficient and easier to implement than other two-factor authentication methods.
The bank said that it has deployed the out-of-band authentication system to protect online and remote transactions from fraud.
Out-of-band authentication provides a pathway separate from the Internet, usually using a cell phone, personal digital assistant (PDA) text message, home phone or voice-authentication system as a second factor by which to verify customer credentials.
ValidSoft said the increasingly growing global threat created by fraudsters maliciously redirecting mobile telephone calls and text messages in order to defeat out-of-band authentication systems and other anti-fraud measures involving customer contact via the mobile phone has caused significant losses for the banks affected.
It also includes revenues generated from out-of-band authentication services.
The alliance will observe TransUnion's ID Manager solution incorporated with ImageWare's biometric product GoVerifyID, which offers multi-modal, out-of-band authentication from a mobile device.
OTCBB: SFOR) said that three new customers have committed to use StrikeForce's multi-patented ProtectID Multi-Factor Out-of-Band Authentication software product to protect their networks from hackers and costly data breaches.
SFOR), a company that specializes in cyber security for the prevention of data breaches, announced today that it has been granted its second patent for “Multi-Channel Device Utilizing A Centralized Out-of-Band Authentication System” from the United States Patent Office (Patent # 8,484,698).
Financial institutions are combining multiple fraud mitigation strategies, including secure browsing technology, knowledge-based authentication, out-of-band authentication, complex device printing and behavior analytics, into a layered approach to combat fraud, Aite Group said.