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The last two rows in each table show the weighted previous and current month employment totals for the sample both including the sample member that went out-of-business and excluding the sample member.
And if you ever needed to pull together a competitive dodgeball team, a bunch of freaks, geeks and make-believe pirates from the local goin'- out-of-business gym should be sufficient.
Unable to obtain transcripts from the out-of-business school, he had to deal with the red tape inflicted upon him by state workers with little empathy to his plight.
Then there's Paul Harris Stores, not sold but out-of-business.
The past is littered with foundries that have gone out-of-business because they were not sufficiently profitable.
New government requirements for more stringent and frequent testing put many small and university-based clinics out-of-business, after their stores of frozen semen were rendered unusable.
The online program may be used only by wage earners and self-employed individuals who owe less than $50,000 for personal income tax, employment tax on an out-of-business sole proprietorship or penalty assessment.
There, both men and women were, so to speak, put to the test: both had to unlearn their habitual out-of-business 'social' expectations of each other.
Expanding BATF's capabilities to utilize effectively the firearms transaction records of out-of-business licenses for tracing purposes through the use of automation and other technology.
This, too, may be imperfect because many inactive or out-of-business firms are required to document themselves to tax authorities, even when no business is transacted during the tax period.
The United States President and leading economists agree that small businesses are the economic engine of the country; however, small businesses continue to go out-of-business at an alarming rate," says Ms.
is not replenishing its small business stock when firms go out-of-business or fail.