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Factors contributing to changes in Top 100 Ag Co-ops since 1980 Intermittent reporting 16 Closed federations 5 Remained on list 29 Conversions 10 Out-of-business 16 Mergers 24 Conversions 10 Note: Table made from pie chart.
Those segments are 1) establishments that continue to employ workers after the benchmark, 2) establishments that go out-of-business after the benchmark, and 3) establishments that begin to employ workers after the benchmark.
In rural areas, the number of "shutter streets" (streets lined with the shuttered storefronts of out-of-business local retailers) has been consistently rising.
out-of-business conditions in hot foods, rotisserie chicken, subs and sandwiches, soup bars, and meat variety are severe pitfalls.
Based on previous research (Ruhnka, Feldman, & Dean, 1992; Manigart, Baeyens, & Van Hyfte, 2002; Busenitz, Fiet, & Moesel, 2004), we categorized the final disposition of VC-funded ventures as: (1) out-of-business, (2) still-private, (3) merged or acquired, and (4) IPOs.
Unable to obtain transcripts from the out-of-business school, he had to deal with the red tape inflicted upon him by state workers with little empathy to his plight.
It was the era of the "performing, non-performing loan"--loans that were legitimate, being paid on time, and were called anyway forcing good companies out-of-business nationwide.
Then there's Paul Harris Stores, not sold but out-of-business.
The past is littered with foundries that have gone out-of-business because they were not sufficiently profitable.
New government requirements for more stringent and frequent testing put many small and university-based clinics out-of-business, after their stores of frozen semen were rendered unusable.