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OOCOrder of Creation (theology)
OOCOffice of Counsel (US Navy)
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Even news that British Energy continue to work on five out-of-commission boilers failed to dampen investor enthusiasm for the stock which jumped 32.
Bench grinders on 79% of the submarines surveyed were considered out-of-commission due to non-ferrous material in the grinding wheels.
Prohibited, and hence placed out of sight or otherwise rendered out-of-commission in particular times and places, are in some Jewish homes: cars, money, and fire on Sabbath; bread and flour on Passover; mirrors and leather shoes in the mourner's house.
Angel Band singer/songwriter Nancy Josephson, however, asked permission to "embellish" one such of the out-of-commission instrument.
Out-of-commission Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox has been served with subpoenas for information on what action it took in response to recent cyber attacks, Reuters reported.
In between, one found constructions of closed surfaces and frameworks reminiscent of furniture, boldly jutting structures featuring shiny neon lights or out-of-commission appliances serving as foreign bodies and, like technological fossils, offering a distant memory of some possible function.
But maintaining out-of-commission covered bridges costs the county Parks Division a pretty penny, and something had to be done to help offset the expense.
The Incredibles" is a hilarious action-packed computer-animated adventure about a family of out-of-commission superheroes who become involved in a top-secret assignment.