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OOPOut of Print
OOPObject Oriented Programming
OOPOut Of Pocket (expense)
OOPOut of Place
OOPOrder of the Phoenix
OOPOrder of Play (sports)
OOPOut of Position
OOPObject Oriented Principles
OOPOver Optimization Penalty (search engine optimization)
OOPOut of Production
OOPOut of Power (Dark Age of Camelot online game)
OOPOut Of Play
OOPOut of Picture (greyhound racing, 30+ lengths behind the winning greyhound)
OOPOut of Plaster (cast)
OOPOut of Protection (gaming)
OOPOut of Program
OOPOut of Plant
OOPOut of Plumb (carpentry and construction)
OOPObject Oriented Politics
OOPOrder Origination Point
OOPOut of Pouch (sugar gliders)
OOPOffice of the Premier (various locations)
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An advanced application load balancer that offers both high-availability and application segmentation for remote subsystems being executed out-of-process.
Support for multiple resource types - OTS, XA, and 1-phase -- 2-phase commits with presumed rollback -- Single resource and last resource optimizations -- Interposition of inherited transactions -- In-process and Out-of-process (for pure clients) -- Support for Oracle and Cloudscape JDBC XA drivers -- Visual monitoring provided by the jBroker Console (see related jBroker announcement issued December 4, 2001)
1 also offers enhancements in development and performance, including in-process and out-of-process Web server configurations.
1; -- Client certificates for added transaction security; -- In-process and out-of-process configurations for Microsoft IIS, Netscape Enterprise Server, iPlanet Web Server, and Apache Web Server for enhanced system architecture flexibility; and -- Support for Window NT, Windows 2000, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and Linux.