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OOSOut of Stock
OOSOut Of Service (police dispatch)
OOSOut of State
OOSOccupational Overuse Syndrome (repetitive stress injury)
OOSOut Of Specification
OOSOrigin of Symmetry
OOSOut of School
OOSOracle of Seasons (video game in Zelda series)
OOSOut of Sight
OOSOrder of Service (religious worship)
OOSObject-Oriented Systems
OOSOut of Style
OOSOut of Scope
OOSOnline Operating System
OOSOrder of Selection
OOSOn-Orbit Servicing
OOSOut of Supply
OOSOut of Shape
OOSOut of Season
OOSOff-Line Operating Simulator
OOSOhio Ornithological Society
OOSOutside of Society (Macromedia Flash game development team)
OOSOut of Synchronization
OOSOut of Straightness (pipeline condition leading to buckling)
OOSOn-Orbit Operations Summary
OOSOnline Order Status
OOSOffshore Outsourced Services
OOSOhio Odonata Society
OOSOrbit to Orbit Shuttle
OOSOttawa Orchid Society (Canada)
OOSOut of Square
OOSOxfam Online Shop
OOSOregon Orchid Society (Portland, OR)
OOSOnline Ordering Service
OOSOffice Operations Supervisor (US Census Bureau)
OOSOpportunity of Selection
OOSOrbitto-Orbit Stage
OOSOptical Output Synchronizer
OOSOneSAF (One Semi-Automated Force) Objective System (OneSAF is an Army simulation)
OOSObject Oriented Specification (computing)
OOSOrder of Sargeras (gaming guild)
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The longer downhole delay has the dominant impact of firing time accuracy, so the risk of out-of-sequence initiation is a function of the in-hole detonator.
He also confirmed the out-of-sequence numbering 186/340 was indeed recorded accurately.
philosophy, to bring out-of-sequence learners back into sequence and address the instructional continuity factor before these at-risk students hit the juvenile detention environment.
The opportunity to correct the car's out-of-sequence mileage readings has been resisted.
The work intended to be carried out on the flue was an out-of-sequence, one-off job which could have been timetabled better.
Some specific research and projects described include a unified out-of-sequence measurements fusion algorithm for WSN, a cluster-based watermarking technique for relational databases, an image semantic search engine, and the application of data mining technology in CRM of commercial banks.
In the last month, Boeing has been telling its first 787 customers, led by Japan's All Nippon Airways, that they will have to wait at least six months more than planned as it wrestles with out-of-sequence work and a shortage of bolts.
Recounted via out-of-sequence episodes with chapter headings, the action deconstructs the fore" days before--as well as the week after--the botched robbery of a mom-and-pop jewelry store.
Each segment (apart from one out-of-sequence flashback titled "Previously") is titled sequentially by year, beginning with "1868" and ending at "1873 Onward.
With this edge tool, technicians can see the quality of calls in progress by measuring the RTP stream and displaying the number of frames, frames dropped and out-of-sequence frames, and jitter.
AN out-of-sequence session at the Old Silhillians Club in Knowle has bassist Annie Howkins and guitarist/banjoist Spats Langham on March 2.
Four canvases catch a man and a woman off guard, embracing in the park: "Sun," one of them announces, and the couple seems haloed by a star-shaped structure, a graphic sign of splendor and radiance, while the rest of the series displays a wordless romance, a silent exchange by way of enigmatic and out-of-sequence gestures.