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OCVOpen Circuit Voltage
OCVOffshore Construction Vessel
OCVOral Cholera Vaccine
OCVOn-Chip Variation
OCVOptical Character Verification (EnSeal proprietary document authentication technology)
OCVOut-of-Country Voting
OCVOrganic Cotton Velour (product feature)
OCVOfficial Calfhood Vaccination
OCVOn Command Video Corporation (various locations)
OCVOil Control Valve (automotive engines)
OCVOffensive Combat Value (gaming, Hero System 5th Edition)
OCVOpen Crankcase Ventilation
OCVOffice of the County Veterinarian (California)
OCVOld Aircraft Carrier (US Navy)
OCVOne Character Victory (fighting games)
OCVOxford Conservation Volunteers (est. 1977)
OCVOutput Circuit Voltage
OCVOrder of Consecrated Virgins (Roman Catholic religious order)
OCVOverland Camping Vehicle (Australia and New Zealand)
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The Commission wishes to state unequivocally that there will be no Diaspora or Out-of-Country voting for any Nigerian, in accordance with extant provisions of the Nigerian Constitution 1999 (as amended).
IHEC's website says out-of-country voting stations are also being set up in Australia, Austria, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Holland, Iran, Lebanon, Sweden, Syria, Turkey.
A spokeswoman for the Iraq Out-of-Country Voting Program in Australia said the maximum possible estimate of Iraqi voters they could have expected to register for voting was 40,000 and that 11,806 actually registered.
The Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq (IECI) is managing the elections and has allowed the International Organisation for Migration to conduct an Out-of-Country Voting (OCV) programme to allow Iraqi refugees living abroad to vote.
The Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq authorized the International Organization for Migration to implement Iraq's Out-of-Country Voting Program in 14 countries, including the United States.
"These are important elections for the Lebanese people, not just because they are the first in the country for nine years, but because of the other firsts they introduce: a new proportional system, official printed ballots that allow for more secrecy of voting, and out-of-country voting for Lebanese nationals living abroad," said Elena Valenciano, the mission's head and a member of the European Parliament from Spain, according to an EOM statement.
Libyans at home and those living in six different countries who were given the chance to cast their vote in what has been termed as out-of-country voting and to be part of this historic event have also done their duty.
Polls for south Sudan referendum opened on 9 January and closed on 15 January at 3000 polling stations domestically and eight Out-of-Country Voting (OCV) locations, including Uganda, Kenya, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Ethiopia, Uganda, the UK and the US.
However, setting up out-of-country voting (OCV) for external populations is a lot more complex than organizing in-country polling, and taking on this logistical and financial burden in the challenging environment of a post-conflict election is rarely without risks.
EOM Chief Observer Elena Valenciano said she was very pleased to see the out-of-country voting take place.
He also confirmed that out-of-country voting in six different countries went smoothly and expats answered the call and cast their vote.