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OOCOut of Character (online role-playing)
OOCOut-Of-Character (gaming)
OOCOut Of Control
OOCOut of Curiosity
OOCOptical (WDM) Overhead Channel
OOCOut of Context
OOCOman Oil Company
OOCOut of Course (Singapore Armed Forces)
OOCoil on canvas (type of painting)
OOCOffice of Compliance (various organizations)
OOCOut of Country
OOCOffice of the Chairman
OOCOut of Coffee
OOCOptical Orthogonal Code
OOCOut of Contract
OOCOut of Clan (gaming)
OOCOut of Calibration
OOCOut of Cycle
OOCOut of Concentration (Dark Age of Camelot online game)
OOCOil on Cuttings
OOCOfficer of Cadets (Australian Defence Forces)
OOCOperational Oceanography Center
OOCObject-Oriented COBOL
OOCOut of Code
OOCOther Operating Costs (financial management)
OOCOriginating Office Control
OOCOlympics Organizing Committee
OOCOut of Camera (photography)
OOCOrder of Creation (theology)
OOCOffice of Counsel (US Navy)
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Numerous homes have been demolished and replaced with out-of-character buildings, while major corridors that have access to transit and can accommodate growth have not seen development opportunities.
This whole affair could have been rescued in New Zealand if Tindall had apologised for an out-of-character lapse, the Sun quoted an insider as saying.
In book seven of the Artemis Fowl series, Artemis invests everything he has in an out-of-character plan to save the world.
However, the panel took into account a number of character references saying his drunken behaviour was completely out-of-character.
In an out-of-character outburst, Barry went on to criticise his manager for spending his summer as a television pundit rather than dealing with his club captain's impending transfer.
Homeowners groups and neighborhood council members still said the law will allow tall, bulky, out-of-character buildings in L.
RUGBY boss Billy Jeffrey launched an out-of-character attack on the referee after he controversially turned down two penalty appeals.
These all seem very out-of-character for a man who, outside the office, is calm and unpretentious with a dry sense of humour.
That fact has been underscored in the past week since North Korea, continuing an out-of-character series of admissions and apologies, confessed to the US that it had pursued a covert nuclear weapons program in breach of a 1994 accord.
His stance is a matter of conscience and common sense: An obviously out-of-character vote would harm his reputation as a straight shooter and could cause antiwar Minnesotans--who already have gripes about the senator--to vote Green or stay home.
His sudden and out-of-character fixation on Angela does not even stem from sexual boredom or daydreaming curiosity.
Both simulations involve several different forms of intensive communication: online communication with other participants; online communication with college and high school mentors; face-to-face decision-making dialogue with other players and teachers; and online face-to-face out-of-character debriefing discussions.