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OZAustralia (slang)
OZOzzy Osbourne (rock singer)
OZAsiana Airlines (IATA airline code)
OZOutlawz (Quake3 Clan)
OZOpen Zelda (gaming software)
OZOuter Zone
OZOrganization of Zodiac (gaming military slang)
OZOperation Z.E.R.O. (Kids Next Door movie)
OZOperation Zero (overweight program for adolescents)
OZOptical Zone (contact lens fitting term)
OZOperational Zone
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Chloropicrin levels in the outer zones of these poles were more variable, although there was a trend of increasing concentration with increasing dosage 300 mm above the ground line.
In granulomas obtained at 90 dpi, in the inner zone many epithelioid macrophages were observed, in the middle zone, the presence of abundant lymphocytes was found, and in the outer zone, fibrosis was present (Fig.
A self-recording hygro-thermometer and black globe thermometer were used to measure the air temperature (ATo), relative humidity (RHo), and black globe temperature (BGTo) in the outer zone (south zone), likewise for the air temperature (ATi2), relative humidity (RHi2), and black globe temperature (BGTi2) in the inner zone on the second floor and the ones in the north zone, as shown in Figure 5.
The inner zone of the crystals, which had relative low optical relief, a fluorescent nature and a triangular shape, is dark grey in color under BSEM; the outer zone, which had relatively high optical relief and a non-fluorescent nature, is light grey under BSEM (compare Figs.
The influence of lubricant viscosity on the outer zone temperature of friction pair and lubricant is more apparent.
Transit Users Density: The results showed that the inner zone was the most populated region where 66% of total transit users resided where as 28% and 6% transit user resided in the middle and outer zones respectively.
Higher shear rates occur towards the mold wall, which stretches the cells in the outer zone. The thicknesses of the two zones are also shown in Figs.
The distribution of newly formed bone and residual implanted material was also determined by classifying the defect area into an inner zone (IC) of 2.5 mm and an outer zone (OC), including the remaining of the 5.5 mm defect (Figure 1).
Until the discovery, researchers thought the Van Allen belts always contained two zones of high-energy particles: an inner zone made mostly of protons and some electrons, and an outer zone dominated by electrons.
Lee stated that a driver's side mirror manufactured with his team's new design would feature a curvature where the inner zone is for distance viewing and the outer zone is for near-field viewing to compensate for what otherwise would be blind spots.
For the first time it will introduce a two-tier system with an inner zone operating 24-hours a day, seven-days-a-week and an outer zone running from 8am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.