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Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, including some from Canada, are making a big push in Asia and Australia as they seek a piece of the regions underworld drug and criminal empire.
"When a person identifies with an outlaw motorcycle gang, they're making a statement about what is important to them in their life.
Groups dealing in firearms and other criminal activities do not appear as rigidly organized and structured as a traditional organized crime family or outlaw motorcycle gang. These groups appear to constantly combine, disband, and recombine, not necessarily with the same individuals, which causes difficulty in determining group structure and personnel.
Department of Justice labels as a 300-member "extremely violent outlaw motorcycle gang" originating in Southern California that is involved in narcotics, assault and murder.
For the first time, police have used tough new anti-gang powers to take action against the Rebels Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMCG) in Brisbane.
This funding is already making a difference, with the Organised Crime Gangs Group seizing significant quantities of drugs this week alone and arresting an alleged member of an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.
Since it was established by ACT Policing in 2015 to lead operational and investigative responses to outlaw motorcycle gang activity, Taskforce Nemesis has been responsible for initiating 83 prosecutions against outlaw motorcycle gang members for a total of 255 offences.
Outlaw Motorcycle Gang members comprise only a portion of the threat that criminal organisations pose in this state, Ms Palaszczuk said.
Detectives will investigate possible links to outlaw motorcycle gangs and other organised crime groups, and any possible connections to other recent shootings.
(4) Stephen McCallum, quoted in Dino-Ray Ramos, '1% Teaser Trailer: Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs Rev Their Engines in Crime Thriller from Australia--TIFF', Deadline Hollywood.
Foreigners belonging to outlaw motorcycle gangs involved in illegal drugs, gunrunning, extortion and other illegal activities have reportedly established their presence in the country.
Arnel Escobal, director of the Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG), it was their Australian counterparts who tipped them about the entry of 22 foreigners from Australia who may be planning to replicate the outlaw motorcycle gangs abroad.