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OLFOromo Liberation Front
OLFOutlying Landing Field
OLFon Line Forum
OLFOffice de La Langue Francaise (Quebec)
OLFOregon Law Foundation (Tigard, OR)
OLFOutlying Field
OLFWolf Point, MT, USA (Airport Code)
OLFOrbiter Lifting Frame (US NASA)
OLFOljearbeidernes Fellessammenslutning (Norwegian Oil Industry Association)
OLFOxygen Limit Fraction (Suunto)
OLFOverload Factor
OLFOrbiter Landing Facility
OLFOutside Left Forward (soccer)
OLFOutlaying Field
OLFOrbital Launch Facilities
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References in classic literature ?
If we'd got rid o' the Scantlands, we should have no outlying fields; and I should be glad of it, for if ever anything happens, he's sure to be gone to the Scantlands.
A monotonous, silent city, deriving an earthy flavour throughout from its Cathedral crypt, and so abounding in vestiges of monastic graves, that the Cloisterham children grow small salad in the dust of abbots and abbesses, and make dirt-pies of nuns and friars; while every ploughman in its outlying fields renders to once puissant Lord Treasurers, Archbishops, Bishops, and such-like, the attention which the Ogre in the story-book desired to render to his unbidden visitor, and grinds their bones to make his bread.
The outlying fields were already losing their shape, and it was time to throw themselves on the charity of the English at Khanhiwara.
17 to test and evaluate unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) at Webster Outlying Field in St.
Ensign Shelby Smith, a flight student with Training Squadron Six at Naval Air Station Whiting Field, demonstrated exceptional airmanship and situational awareness while executing a T-6B solo flight at Naval Outlying Field Evergreen, Alabama.
An E-2 Hawkeye crew was conducting field carrier landing practice at an outlying field (OLF).
During the first flight of the day, I took off with my new on-wing on a fam 4 via course rules to work the channel and practice emergency procedures at altitude before heading to Navy Outlying Field (NOLF) Spencer.
After his third simulated engine failure at altitude while en route to an outlying field, LTJG Rice passed the controls to LT Lawson at 400 feet for a waveoff in accordance with SOP.
On 9 June, an E-2C Hawkeye suffered Class A damage following an inflight fire and runway departure on landing at an outlying field at Santa Rosa, Calif.
He took control of the aircraft and turned toward nearby Navy Outlying Field Evergreen.
In the local operating area the PAG completed a series of maneuvers at altitude, then transitioned to a local outlying field for landing and takeoff pattern work.