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OTPOne Time Password
OTPOffice of the Prosecutor (International Criminal Court; Netherlands)
OTPOne Time Programmable (electronics)
OTPOne Time Pad
OTPOne Time Payment (customer service)
OTPOn the Phone (chat)
OTPObligatorisk Tjenestepensjon (Norwegian: Mandatory Occupational Pension)
OTPOffice of the Premier (various locations)
OTPOn-Time Performance
OTPOver Temperature Protection
OTPOne Time Payment
OTPOrder Transaction Processing
OTPOne Time Programmable
OTPOpen Trading Protocol
OTPon the Phone
OTPOpposite Track Path
OTPOn Track Plant (rail vehicle; UK)
OTPOver the Phone
OTPOperator Training Program (various organizations)
OTPOpen Telecom Platform
OTPOpposite Track Path (DVD mastering system)
OTPOnline Team Play (gaming)
OTPOutside the Perimeter (people living outside the I-285 perimeter of Atlanta, GA)
OTPOpen Trading Protocol (for purchasing)
OTPOff the Page
OTPOpioid Treatment Program
OTPOne Term President
OTPOne-Trick Pony (Paul Simon song/album)
OTPOpen Training Platform (various organizations)
OTPOffender Treatment Program (various locations)
OTPOffer to Purchase
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OTPOne True Pairing
OTPOptical Transport Platform (various companies)
OTPOrientation Training Program (various organizations)
OTPOfficers Training Program (various locations)
OTPOffice of Telecommunications Policy
OTPOregon Transportation Plan
OTPOccupational Training Program (various organizations)
OTPOil Treatment Plant
OTPOther Tobacco Product (taxation designation)
OTPBucharest, Romania - Otopeni (Airport Code)
OTPOperations Test Plan (US NASA)
OTPOwner's Title Policy (real estate)
OTPOrlando Theatre Project (Orlando, FL)
OTPOutpatient Treatment Program
OTPOutdoor Therapeutic Program
OTPOdznaka Turystyki Pieszej (Polish PTTK badge)
OTPOlympic Transport Plan (UK)
OTPOre Transport Permit (Department of Environment and Natural Resources; Philippines)
OTPOperational Test Piece
OTPOutline Test Plan
OTPOn the Piss
OTPOther Transfer Payment (various organizations)
OTPOperational Test Plan
OTPOn the Pause
OTPOperational Test Procedure
OTPOrszágos Takarék Pénztár (Hungarian: General Saving Bank)
OTPOne True Pair/Pairing (fan fiction, erotica)
OTPOvertime Personnel
OTPOpenland Tree-Planting
OTPOne Team Partner
OTPOrbital Time Processor
OTPOther Theater Project (Cleveland, Ohio)
OTPOther Trustworthy Person (PEZ collectors)
OTPOperating & Transition Plan
OTPOptional Time Period
OTPOptical Technology Project
OTPOperational Trial Period
OTPOh, the Profanity! (blog)
OTPOperations Training Package
OTPOff the Pigs (band)
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2009 evaluation of the assisted outpatient treatment program in New York
As research shows, with the right education and motivation, this person will most likely not need a residential or outpatient treatment program.
However, the Options Recovery SLHs described here are an exception because these houses are part of a structured outpatient treatment program which residents are required to attend.
offers an intensive alcohol and drug abuse outpatient treatment program.
The practice provides an office-based outpatient treatment program for people afflicted with addiction to drugs and alcohol, and takes a multidisciplinary approach to the new and expanding area of addiction medicine.
In what would be Evans' last encounter with the justice system, she was able to reduce her jail time by agreeing to enter and complete a 12-month outpatient treatment program at the Recovery Opportunity Center in Riverside.
The outpatient treatment program that adolescents participated in depended in part on whether they were recruited for the ATM or SCY study.
Seventy-six insomniac patients participated in an eight-session outpatient treatment program consisting of a mixture of cognitive and behavioral interventions.
Hintz delayed an immediate imposition of the sentence on the condition that Imbrecht, a former three-term assemblyman for Ventura County, remain in an outpatient treatment program.
1 The services to be included in the proposal shall include, at a minimum, a domestic violence offender screening/assessment and outpatient treatment program, an anger management program, and a substance abuse program.
Hansen, an addiction professional and founder of the Life Management Resources outpatient treatment program in Plano, Texas, has created a DVD intended to inform people in need of the facts about addiction and possibly convince them to pursue treatment.