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OIOwens-Illinois, Inc. (glass container and plastics manufacturer)
OIOriental Institute
OIOral Irrigator (dentistry)
OIOpen Interest (finance)
OIOsteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone bisease)
OIOperation Ivy (Ska band)
OIOpenindiana (open source computing)
OIOutside in (Frisbee throw)
OIOffice of Investigations
OIOld Irish (dialect)
OIOpportunistic Infection
OIOceanology International (periodic conference and trade show)
OIOperating Income
OIOffice of Information
OIOptical Illusion
OIOxfam International (UK)
OIOperator Interface
OIOvulation Induction (fertility treatment)
OIOptimist International (St. Louis, MO)
OIOther Insurance
OIOptimum Interpolation
OIOrdinary Income (US IRS)
OIOxygen Index
OIOpportunity International (Oak Brook, IL)
OIOffice of Intelligence (USCS)
OIOperating Instruction
OIOrphans International
OIOperations Interface
OIOrcas Island (Washington)
OIObjeto Indirecto (Spanish grammar)
OIOsmose Inverse (French: Reverse Osmosis)
OIOptical Isolator (Telcordia)
OIOre Ida (food brand)
OIOptical Interface
OIOther Investigation (US IRS)
OIOutside Information
OIOpening Instructions
OIOperations Integration
OIOckenden International (UK registered charity)
OIOperational Instruction
OIOpto-Isolator (electronics)
OIOffice Interface
OIOperational Issue
OIOperational Instrumentation
OIOrganization Identifier (ASN.1)
OIOpportunity Illuminator (radar)
OIOutput Isolation
OIOrder for Information (EPA)
OIOperator Interrupt (telecommunications)
OIOutline of Investigation
OIOrganizational Integrator
OIOrganization Indicator
OIOptical Improvements
OIOptical Improved
OIOFISA Informatique (Lausanne, Switzerland)
OIOrganizationally Impaired
OIOutreach International, Inc. (Independence, MO)
OIOrbit Infotech (New Delhi, India)
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King said the regime s control over outside information means it faces less of an outcry over its rights record than the Soviet Union did in the 1960s-80s -- even though conditions in the North appear to be worse.
The designs will feature in the museum and on outside information boards.
Workspace gathers outside information, including key performance indicators, dynamic alerts, currency and time conversions, and locations of goods, inventories, assets, and supply chain networks.
Occasional outside information can be useful to put things in broader perspective.
4) Despite safeguards and laws against jurors seeking outside information during a trial, the development of cell phones that can text and access the Internet are making it easier for jurors to violate these laws.
As soon as I had an idea of what I was getting into as a Makeover volunteer coordinator, I sat down with outside information technology experts who designed a Web site and a database that would schedule volunteers, assign tentative jobs to them, and automatically send them confirmation of their assignments.
They're not simply protectionists they thrive on a lack of outside information.
The author analyzes the nationalized efforts of propaganda and the flow of outside information in such countries as Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore, and notes the difficulties of influencing citizens amid the growing entertainment industry and globalized pop culture.
Connecticut) bases each exercise around a specific concern such as the safety of generic medications, communicating bad news to family members, responding to outside information from the media and intercultural communication and ethics.
Stedham, Yamamura, Taylor & Nelson, 2002; Taylor, Yamamura, Stedham & Nelson, 2001; Yamamura, Stedham & Satoh, 2004): ease of access to information within the firm, financial support (reimbursement for information gathering costs incurred), outside information (encouragement provided by others to access and use information obtained from external sources), and internal resources (knowledge of and training on use of information sources within the firm).
To lead the program office, the Bureau has assigned an experienced Census program manager and hired an outside information technology expert to provide executive level guidance.
For some of our employees, including me and my brothers, this is the only machine shop in which we've ever worked, so any outside information can go a long way in how we approach our jobs.