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The outstanding amount of total loans reached 51,1 billion in January 2018.
He requested the chair that the outstanding amount of Rs.
On May 25, the customer service at First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) informed me that the outstanding amount for my two credit cards were Dh3,465 and Dh3,945.
To access your DStv or Box Office account, customers can log into their FNB Cellphone Banking profile via the dial string (*120*321#) to view and pay outstanding amounts due on their account.
For the entire region, the outstanding amount of bonds thus stood at $6.
70 crore against which the outstanding amount stood at Rs.
As a result, the outstanding amount under the 11% Callable bond 04/09 would be reduced from NOK630m to NOK300m.
had the largest outstanding amount of assistance at 5,030.
Secretary Water and Power, Yousaf Naseem Khokhar informed the committee that as on April 28, outstanding amount payable to Independent Power Producers (IPPs)/WPPO/CPPA stood at Rs 226.
According to the committee notification, the meeting would focus on the transfer of TIPs land into the name of PTCL and NRTC,indicating the authority under which the same was transferred alongwith the terms and conditions,steps taken so far for recovery of outstanding amount of Rs.
Summary: Customer is puzzled why there is an outstanding amount of Dh599
3% in April, while the outstanding amount of deposits reached e1/446.