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OVAEOffice of Vocational and Adult Education
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Brenda Dann-Messier challenged us in OVAE to think beyond our traditional models and to find how we could bring education to the table as a core element in prisoner reentry.
So OVAE and OVAE's partners inside and outside of ED are now challenging education providers behind the walls and in the community to work together.
As Scott Hess, chief of the College and Career Transitions Branch in the Division of Academic and Technical Education at OVAE, explains, "Over the years, what we now call career and technical education has slowly been evolving.
Promoting the Framework and more intensive POS has been a priority of OVAE over the past two years.
For both programs, national and regional data quality institutes have been held and OVAE staff have worked extensively with states to improve the reliability, validity, and completeness of vocational and adult education data.
OVAE is encouraging states to provide program resources and services for youths and adults with disabilities, 40 percent of whom have not received a high school diploma and 66 percent of whom are not currently employed.
ACTE: So what are the major areas of career and technical education (CTE) that OVAE will be addressing under your leadership?
I hope that in some way OVAE designs another center that is able to engage the field and meet some of the critical needs we have," he said.
For further information about this initiative, please contact Gregory Henschel at OVAE by phone at (202) 245-7661 or via email at gregory.
As the next step, OVAE will hold a two-day "GED Math Train the Trainer Institute" on August 22-24 in Washington, DC.
So in its report, OVAE makes a number of recommendations for program regulators and policymakers to consider, including: clarifying program goals so that policies and regulations support those goals; identifying student needs beyond academic course-taking; developing ways to ensure the rigor of dual enrollment courses; and meeting the needs of students interested in technical courses as well as academic courses.
In follow-up to the DQI, OVAE will sponsor two regional conferences in June 2006, in Phoenix and Atlanta to provide technical assistance to states in identifying and overcoming obstacles in order to implement the definitions.